friday 12 november

Something will naturally come to you or will come together at this time. This is when we have connections that move us to start seeing that we need to assert ourselves more and not just follow along when it doesn’t FEEL right. Your feelings grow stronger at this time because you are going deeper into the rabbit hole of TRUTH and not the rabbit hole of manipulation. There are two worlds that play out and the manipulation is miles ahead of you. This is why you have to really pause and think again with what comes into your system before you automatically move yourself into things.

This is a sort of gateway where you have been here before, but you kept quiet on your feelings in the past. At this time, you are to stand up and declare that you need the space to do your thing. Another ironic thing about Earth is that we are here to not just work to make others happy. We are tempted and programmed to step aside, to be stoic, to not really confront with honesty what we are feeling and how something feels off. Instead, just go along, buck up, and do what you are expected to do.

This comes to an end now. And ALL OF YOU are listening to your heart and knowing that this other thing needs to happen. You can expect others to guilt trip you and try to make you cave – but don’t. It is not on you to make everyone happy and totally deny the intuitive feelings that are trying to tell you NO. The reason this is a gateway is because it takes you valuing yourself and valuing the mysterious that calls you to do certain things. -- OR, you can look the other way and do as you are expected. The only thing is that today it will bring regrets. You will regret not doing your thing – and therefore a day is wasted when it could have been this other synchronistic or meditative exploration into the soul.

Now, there also can be such an overload of feelings that many of you feel lost. Be okay here! Being lost means you are about to be found in a new way. And you need to interpret this space as a positive thing. It is similar to shifting into drive when you have been in reverse. It can feel still but really loud with confusion as to what is going on. This is to put you into a surrendering space where you allow something to come to you. Do not look at it as you being punished or being cursed from something in your past. Don’t go low as the gears shift – just trust this because you can. It feels odd because something is changing, and you just need to see how you are inspired to jump on new waves in life and not stay this same way. But allow the story to unfold from within. You don’t need to worry about a thing!


12 November 2021

MOON PLANNER: Nodes. Mars. Mercury.

MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling.

MOON DEGREES: 29 Aquarius to 12 Pisces


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #11 See why it had to be. #12 Self-Love.

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I am so grateful for your gift, and for you believing in yourself, and for choosing to share this gift with the world. I’m not quite sure if you actually know how magnificent you are and just incase you don’t I wanted to remind you! Thank you so much. So many times I’ve felt like I couldn’t connect with a single person around me and felt like such a fish out of water…but then I get to hop online and connect into this place with your gentle reminders. It’s absolutely saved my life more than once…I love you dearly!!

Katrina sweet November 12, 2021

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