sunday 14 november

Okay loves. Here we are again in so many learning lessons! There are big waves of change occurring in the world and it's bringing so much up that it can feel wildly overwhelming. But remember, you are working to understand how things could have gotten so out of balance. And that is a lot to process and is what can leave you feeling like you don’t have energy to do anything and only want to lay around and cry.

This energy can have you with a head hanging down and feeling like things are too much. BUT. I want you to take time for you and just allow things to be. The more we show up and are present with dysfunction, the more it doesn’t affect us in personal ways, which tend to flatline us. When we can look at dysfunction with detachment, we see for solutions and the understanding of why things had to be.

We don’t just take wrong turns and are to suffer in life; we take those turns to learn things and to align to a perfect timing that connects us to other things in our future. We see with more trust that we are supposed to be here and there is a point to it all. Now, we might not ever know that point in this lifetime, but there is a point. And it needs us finding the compassion for how things have had to be, WITH the excitement for wanting to be someone who helps change things.

Compassion changes the world! Hatred holds us in a bubble where all we see are things to hate. And honestly, the forces that manipulate WANT you hating and want you feeling so lost and as if you have it so hard, so you just want to fight everyone else and get mad when you don’t get your way.

You are a compassionate being and you can handle life when you just surrender and trust that things will be okay. So what if someone pulls out in front of you and gets you stopped by the next light? Does it really deserve you getting mad and making yourself a victim of things? TRUST that now better alignment saved you from trouble. Just see this for yourself and see that you will get through whatever arrives to change the ease with which you hope for things to be. Get over thinking in linear and step into more dimensions valuing the organic processes of life. There is way more to it all and you have permission to not try to control circumstances. Believe there is something magical to all the steps getting you through the journeys.

You also are being asked to do things your way and to come out of the shadows where you would likely follow along. This is not about following along in a weakened state; it's just about you being conditioned to think this certain way. And it's where you may have to come outside the lines and disappoint others who want you to do what you said you would do. Honor that your feelings say different. And know that you are to be standing up at this time where you assert on your feelings and show yourself in a new way that makes it clear on how you stand. Don’t expect everyone to agree – but don’t let that be what quiets you.


14 November 2021


MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling.

MOON DEGREES: 25 Pisces to 7 Aries



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