oh hello TUESDAY 13 july


Heads up today because things are going to be big and dramatic and full of emotions rising with some sort of strong opinion. You may need to just listen and move on and not actually give of your energy to all things. People want to talk about how they feel, and they will be clear on which side they stand with things. Expect to be around someone who goes against what you believe, but use this opportunity to see that there are many sides to things and also that you DON’T have to get everyone living the life that you would live. See that we all have a place with our things and with where we are still learning. Don’t fight to get to the top and need to be right. Let that go. Be full of compassion and try to be a big heart, but with thorns of the rose – and ABLE to protect if need be. Vocalize your boundaries and don’t give it all away because you feel what others are going through. Something will come out of the dark at this time, and it needs to be faced with no judgment. You are learning how to flow with life and to see that you ARE a co-creator here. You DO have influence on what is coming next in your life. See glass half full and expect to be recognized for what you are here to do. Sit comfortable as the pieces come together. No need to be low and go low and play that low life way ever again. See yourself changing into a better version TODAY.


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