oh hello MONDAY! 12 july 2021


Good morning sweet dumpling! OKAY!! Today is going to bring an epic shift where we see something that is a miracle or that gets us seeing past a limitation that was keeping us with one flat tire. Connections will be made that deal with showing you a new path that is better for your life, but that before you couldn’t see. Your heart is going to express, and it can bring a downpour of creativity, or excitement for what could be. We get lit at this time and most people will be feeling like they really are awakening to their value and to seeing that they DO have a place in the new world that is unfolding. Love for sure is rising in many of you and it seems the Universe is saying that enough time has passed and now things can return. For some, the feelings will be overwhelming where you are shocked at how different things feel. It will be a good sort of feeling, but still a big thing for many of you to digest -- that things CAN get better and surprise you when you thought things were dead and gone. Keep on dreaming and keep your heart reaching for what you really want that will make you happy. If you feel sensitive today, consider this being where you really start asking for higher quality of humans to surround you. No matter where you are with the steps of things, know that your heart is guiding you to the gold. It’s time to grow a new crop with your life. You CAN shed skins and begin again. You CAN take this leap of the heart and risk it all because it feels so right.

MOON PLANNER: Uranus. Venus. Mars.

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