MAY 7 | Saturday

My loves! We got a big day today that demands we transform and start moving towards a new path that feels like it is a leap of faith. There is something inside of you that has wanted this change and now it is here if YOU make some move that deals with a risk of the heart that mysteriously feels like it is what you are destined to do.

Expect to be looking at a house/idea/career move that is far off in the distance and that is inspiring you with a change of position where YOU are seen as important and needing to be in the light so as to grow this other thing. What you want is not yet here, but today is to bring clarity that your heart knows the way and that you need to let go of the old world programming that IS sort of burying you in fears that will keep you from moving because there are too many things not yet answered or completed.

Think about getting a new job and leaving an old one that was not really feeding you. There IS a risk when we leave support that we had grown used to and we really don’t have proof that the new thing will be what we dream. This is coming up for all of you as we are learning a new way to navigate the energies where we aren’t staying so fixated in needing things to be how they used to be or where we have all our ducks in a row before we believe something can be done.

It’s time for us to dream wildly that our feelings are guiding the way EVEN IF things don’t look like you expected yet or have seen in your past. What matters is that your body is making decisions and that you ARE seeing for light to come in to shift the darkness out of feeling so in control. You are to pretend that the sun is about to rise and shine on you EVEN THOUGH it’s about 3am and life is still in the dark. See for the new idea and know that you ARE to position your things as essential and having a home to grow in the world. Just don’t see that you won’t get up the mountain because of the fears that others are talking about now.

Believe that dreamers will make it safely and keep your heart on your sleeve in being clear with how things make you feel. Pretend that you are in line and are ABOUT to get wishes granted that will deal with love coming into your life. EXPECT to be found and for solutions and clarity to be the new way. Just don’t get down if others seem to be blocking you -- because they ARE in some way there to get a rise out of you. Believe you will get what you plan for and keep seeing that what stands in the way is just to get you stepping stronger in needing things to be what will make you happy. Go for what brings big lights to expanding what feels like it will bring you big joy.

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