MAY 8 | Sunday

This day has a strong push to it, and it seems to be saying that many of you now are finally up higher in safe lands OR something is about to come for you that WILL be the provocation or catalyst that gets you to stand up and go for something greater. Worlds are dividing where we finally are seeing something up ahead that feels like it will support us and be what helps us to experience more joy in life.

You may be doing something that gets you back in an old craft or creative way that now feels like it is where you want to dive deeper. You are going to be returning into something, and you are changed from this past year -- so coming at this from a new perspective is going to alter what was the potential when you came upon this situation or opportunity in your past.

Be aware that what is in front of you NEEDS YOU being sensitive and positioning your feelings and ideas on things UP FRONT AND CENTER. This makes me think of when you like someone, but you are too shy to make a move. And then time passes, and you wish you would have done something – and then more time passes, and the opportunity returns for you TO do something. It can be like leaving a job and then realizing it wasn’t so bad -- and returning with new ideas of how to play with what is and not keep focusing on what is not yet. This energy is to get us softer in wanting to birth new projects and babies and romance – but not from the point of thinking anything is wrong because of how long and windy the journey has been.

We are seeing that there are higher plans to all our moves, and it can have you wanting to show up more and not let things pass you by because of insecurities or feelings like you aren’t valuable enough or don’t have something special about you that has a home in the world. Be with the curiosity of this energy and be like a child who isn’t so worried about how things come together, but rather, is enjoying the moment by moment play of things where signs are guiding you to when things are going to stop and move into a new way of being. Be in the moment and see that all things are wanting you to play with the expression of how to put your heart and soul into things and to expect that new growth is here for you.

If you are launching something creative based, be full of faith in yourself as you assert with your heart on your sleeve in knowing you have something special that others will enjoy. Don’t find ways to put yourself as the wall flower who thinks everyone else is more deserving of attention. Just know, this energy wants you tuning into the love that sees no mistakes and doesn’t judge timing or age as a rating of things. Be patient – but go towards what helps you feel seen and adored. There IS a place for you.


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