MAY 6 | Friday

There is a lot that will get you thinking around this day that IS to hit you to the core and get you feeling a bit unstable in regard to thinking you can’t have what you want or that you can’t start over and begin again because of how flawed your past was or how old you are now.

There is a big test in that you need to avoid what is a trigger that you know is going to spatter you and frustrate you and keep you from feeling like you can start over. So, expect a bit of provocation but see that you can silence yourself and not need to be the final word to place something that IS going to be fought and not accepted by another.

This is a day we may feel like fighting, or you may even be around those who just want to talk about scarcity and fears for future stability. RUN from those people today and exit as quickly as you can because it is sort of a contagious disease that will keep you from embracing the start over energy that is here now. It can have you running back into what was not working BECAUSE you are so in fear that something mysterious will not hold you and provide what you wish it to be. Be patient and grounded in what you know is your truth and do not allow grumpy people wanting to talk low vibe things BE what keeps you from sticking with your dreams.

This day also offers something that is GLORIOUS for many where you will see into a problem with your own value system where you have been thinking less than is good enough – when now you will want to expand into stronger feelings in wanting to raise the bar and invest with some new plan that you believe can support you better. This may deal with changes around your home or with something you want to be eating that will nourish you.

Be aware though that many of you will want to snack on things that fill you emotionally and it may be from that splurge that you then discover a desire to take better care of your body and give it a new source of support. We are in a gateway where we see and experience the “mistakes” in order to wake up to wanting things a better way. So don’t judge how wrong things may look and instead be open to the inspiration that WILL get you moving in a better direction.

Go down and then shoot back up! No more going down and finding reasons to punish yourself because you are there in the schooling of Earth that is just getting you to agree to start over and begin again when things no longer nourish you to want to grow and be your best version. Sometimes things have to get backed up and stop working in order for YOU to demand better. Go with this flow and trust that there IS a way and that closed doors mean a window of opportunity is about to open for you. Be on the water of life and coast until you find home. You deserve a better layer of support to be holding you.

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