MAY 13 | Friday

Oh look here! There is BIG MAGIC on Friday the 13th! A shift comes at this time that deals with a new story we are laying out in regard to what sort of plans we want to have with others where we build a dream and stay focused into generating a new level of stability.

This means we are really tapping into our natural gifts and abilities and ways we want to be in the beauty of creating a more soul satisfying life. The shifts in our mind will be positioning us to the other side, as if we have been stuck in mud in a rut that only gets us deeper as we try to escape the pain. Freedom only comes when we stop and look at what is beautiful about now and how it IS here for great reason as we need to heal certain things that are not going to float our boat in the New Earth energies.

What you see now is something in your mind that is a story no longer needing to be told in the ways of the victim and the confusion you feel around seeing so many “mistakes” you have made in your life. Freedom only comes when we adult ourselves into not allowing our minds to keep gunning the car further down into the mud because of our frustration at being there – stuck and unable to get to our dreams.

There may be a lot of you who are feeling exhausted today where you can’t get a thing done. This is okay! It is you about to make the shift, as we do need complete empty feeling spaces, with sadness and despair to be the fertilizer that grows new seeds out of the blue. So do everything to allow yourself the space to just be and do nothing as you wait for the seeds to sprout. You are getting NOTHING WRONG and just like mama who is about to give birth, you HAVE to slow down, do nothing, be confused, be wondering, be full of so many contemplative things, but to not assert in the old ways as SOMETHING new is about to come through the mysterious birthing canal.

You too are in the process, and you need to trust whatever lands in your life, for how ever long it stays around. Keep seeing that the solution will be there soon – see that the seed is doing something in the mystery and that it WILL BE what you think it to be.

Take back your power and control what your mind feeds you to then sustain yourself from. Adult your wounds back to how the unwounded handle situations. Don’t keep giving your life to the nightmares and let downs you have seen in your past. It’s time to switch lanes and get around that old block in the road. You don’t have to follow the car that is forcing you to live how they want to live. Get out of that lane and go for what feels like a good dream you would really like to attain.

At this time, talk as if you are highly valuable goods and KNOW there are buyers for what you got. No more stories of how others did not hold you and give you what you needed to grow healthy. Get out of that lane TODAY. Fuck them for doing it – but don’t follow them because it is all that you now can see. Get out of that lane TODAY. What you follow WILL BE. Wake up to New Earth energies and manifest your dream. You don’t have to be what others kept you from being. Let’s stop that story today and start a new chapter where peace and harmony is what you follow. Stop following what causes you sorrow. Don’t chase after cars that keep you lost to who you really are. You don’t have to do what was done wrong to you.

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