MAY 14 | Saturday

OKAY THEN. Today is when you are to reboot and transform and come alive into a new path that deals with you heading towards what feels valuable and what allows you to keep it real about your truth. We are coming together with others and learning from how they give or do not give way to our wishes.

When I was in the first 48 hours of learning I would have to leave my home that I LOVED and move into something totally new and different, the old landlord was gaslighting me and did not confront even one of my issues – and was only about money and a 30 day notice. There was no peace in wanting to fix what will create a toxic environment for everyone who lives in this house. And from the new landlord, I was getting nothing but ease and wishes granted – even ones not asked for! The new place offered to paint the walls whatever color of my choice and to decide on the stain for the kitchen cabinets that all were being refinished. The house I loved was just letting me leave with no love and harmony – and the new house was loving on me and wanting me to feel comfortable.

So, I was in shock and emotional pain when it first hit, but then I just trusted the process, felt the feelings and watched how things would go. What I realized too is that the way the old landlord handled it made me NOT want to fight to stay. And the way the new one handled it made me STOKED to make the change and move to this new place.

We all are having to let go and just trust that things will make sense. For me, it was clear within 2 days which way to go! But at first, I was just taken by strong emotions that put me smack dab into trauma and feeling like I was lost in this cave. So, allow your transformation wave to hit you and allow the evolution of your journey to rise like the phoenix into better lands that will support you living life more on your terms. -- Like with yesterdays’ reading and how we are getting out of the lane where we follow the slow car that wounded us in our past.

We don’t have to stay in these old states of dissatisfaction. But we do seem to need to REALLY face them as we allow that provocation to get us mutating into better form that values self with strong boundaries on what we will or will not allow into our sacred life space. If you got to get out of a lane, do it because you value yourself and will no longer live under the thumb of another. The fears of the world do not fit on your shoulders and the ways of dominating forces do not need to be what you buy into and create in your future. Get out of that lane!

Freedom comes from you letting go of what manipulated you to follow and stay in the shadow of your fears. You ARE supported through your transformation process and it’s time to take the deep sea dive KNOWING a golden nugget will save the day and get you to this new place. This is not breaking you; it’s making you and getting you back at home with the truth of who you really are.

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