MARCH 6 | Sunday

And here we have a spark of insight that is going to wake us up even more than we thought we were last week! Be ready for this because something finally settles into your consciousness so that you GET how your value system and energy in life have been focused into something where you see you DON’T have a home and you think in scarcity ways about what the journey will be. We are to be making connections around this day where we are abruptly put into a new direction that is way more honoring and understanding of the process of growing a better life. 

A few weeks ago, I wrote a truth serum post about how fake astrology can be and how so many are spreading things that are not at all the truth. This person commented that my post was going to have a lot of people losing hope. And I remember thinking, if one post can change the stability of a person’s hope then they are not that grounded in a true level of faith in their life. If they need fake astrology posts talking about a portal that will change EVERYTHING and turn you into a high vibrating being JUST LIKE THAT, then we are not really grounded in reality, and whatever conflictive wind may come is going to knock you to the ground. My post was about facing that many influencers on social are all about money and likes – so they work to generate THIS HUGE EVENT, over and over, so as to get all this attention. 

And think about all the people they impact that have all these high hopes for this massive change, that doesn’t come because it was just hype. WE all are accountable for what we share and how it impacts others. So, to do these false hopes is SO detrimental to all that do it and to all that are affected by it. We get away with NOTHING on the Earth plane and my post was about letting you all know that it's pretty fake now – and it spreads like the wind, which is going to have so many tangled in karma paybacks that didn’t need to happen. Money and likes should never be why we are in the game of life. 

This energy wants you finding a new grounded system where you stop looking for all the quick fixes to your pain and start a new crop of life where you actually do the work and focus on the inside job that WILL ground you in stability when all the fake hype comes your way and the truth serums set you straight. Your journey is to be slow and steady and not waiting for some portal to fix you and give you the life of your dreams. IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN THAT WAY. You got to BE something to see it manifest around you. And this energy is to get you woke on how illusive things are in the world that keep you hooked up to some IV feeding you high feelings in life. It may feel so fun to imagine that some cosmic event is enough to wake up humanity, but in reality, things aren’t that easy. We are addicted to the easy way and really need to fall in love with the Earth honoring cycles that do their thing when the time is right, but not a minute sooner. I’ve noticed that when the trees start turning fall colors, it happens around the same week each year and they all do it like clockwork. It's fascinating! And just as they have cycles inside that are what truly decides, so do we. And they are set to slow -- and NOT amphetamine induced NOW NOW NOW.


6 March 2022 | SUNDAY
TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Venus. Moon/Mars. Moon/Uranus.
MOON PLANNER: Venus. Mars. Uranus.
1  5  6 | 1 to 11 Taurus


YES! Thank you! Social media is full of that quick-fix metaphysical nonsense and like you said it spreads like the wind and has everyone hooked on some false solution. The true liberation, both personal and collective, comes from within. Period.

Michelle March 07, 2022

Ahh yes, I fell for the magical portal and even held off on things for a week as I was so sure it was happening. I noticed my spiral towards depression and a growing addiction to this belief. When I couldn’t use their guided meditation to find this magical new place, I knew it wasn’t me. I did learn and grow from the experience though, so that’s a positive

CC March 06, 2022

Wow, wow, wow…💥💥💥
I am feeling this deep inside my bones.

NK March 06, 2022

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