MARCH 5 | Saturday

Oh look! We always say that when the Sun conjuncts (comes into direct contact through the same degree) Jupiter it is to be a good day that helps to expand your life and show you a new perspective that will help you for this entire year. So today, TAKE NOTICE! The theme of today is what will grow for you and become a big aspect of your year.

For many, you will finally be connecting something that took you needing to believe in yourself and just go for some dream. Today is when you get a sign of where you are on the journey and what it is going to take to get you to the end result of what you are working for. It is a great day to start a big plan that needs you doing work that may feel hard or that pushes you to the limit, but you need to show up and say that you are ready for this.

Everyone will feel a unique energy today that helps them stick with the projects and plow on through even if the going gets tough. We all need lazy days, but you don’t want to waste this day AT ALL. It is about starting something that is going to build you a new dream and staying driven with whatever needs your attention. Things WILL look bigger today and you may see scary shadow images on the wall that get you to want to run back into some old scenario, or the way you used to handle things. Just be aware that it's on you to go big and to consider this day a carving out of what you want to see grow. 

There are tests with others who may be here to get you thinking you need to go back and stay safe at home where things are being run the old world style. You may have people who slam into you or are doing aggressive things that COULD scare you into doubting your dreams again. Just know, the first days of this month need you really out there in hoping for the best and not spending any time worrying or doing what you would do in your past. 

If you lose something, talk positive about it making space for something better. To lose things on this day is just a sign that they wouldn’t support you in the future and you have to make certain sacrifices in order to see your new plants grow. Just don’t make anything a negative where you are thinking you are a victim. It's time to start telling new stories that don’t need everything right now in order to see that you are on track and are not going to give up on your dreams. 

For 14 years I talked about Aquarius Nation to everyone – even though I didn’t have a website and wasn’t offering any services. For over a decade I talked about all the things I’M DOING NOW but back then I was getting fired constantly and never able to support myself more than a week in the future. I was TOTALLY in the seeds of my dreams and even though everything seemed to be against me, I NEVER let go of what I hoped would one day come true. 

You are to do the same and to discover the joy of dreaming even though you may be years from landing into what you will one day be. What matters is that you are making the space for the better to arrive and not running back to fear or the feelings of debt that keep you wanting to check out and disappear. There is nowhere to run but INTO your new dreams that you wish will come true. Find the fun in playing and visualizing how awesome it will be because the energy hears you and things WILL be orchestrated to finally put them into place. 

Be aware that you need to reach out to others if they are coming to your mind today! Many people are considering wanting to die today – because things feel so big -- and your new role may be about showing support or love to others that you FEEL need you to be there for them. Follow your feelings and bring action to what they tell you to do! This is a day we ARE to save people and give them the hope that WE HAVE for the new possibilities in our own life.


5 March 2022 | SATURDAY
TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Pluto Moon/Venus. Moon/Mars.
MOON PLANNER: Pluto. Venus. Mars.
1  4  5 | 17 to 30 Aries


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Powerful reading! thank you :)

Melissa March 06, 2022

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