MARCH 7 | Monday

Good morning sweet beauty! Today is going to have a strange pull and push motion to it where you are going to want to go but then you may feel like something fills you with doubt that it can actually be done.

Be aware that all of us are on this new cycle that is like a wave going up and down. It is where we gain momentum and speed FROM what pulls us down where we grow stronger in not wanting anything to stop us from getting to our new goals. The downward pull is just a test to get you shooting higher when the wave brings you back up again. It will be wildly interesting and also frustrating for many. If you understand this roadmap, you won't feel so negative when you see that now you are being pushed down again. See that you won't get anywhere unless you go down into the scarcity and the limitation that holds you prisoner in your mind as forces are trying to keep you in line.

This is when we are to come outside of the boundaries and not just follow along because large forces try to make us think THEY are the answer. SO MUCH is constantly manipulating you with dollar signs in the eyes as the main motivation. And it is when we tune into our bodies that we are able to decipher who is doing finger puppet shadows on the wall and who is authentic with love and care in wanting to see us grow. 

You need to face that 99% of what you take in is a part of grooming you to be stronger in the gut in choosing for what you take in that will ACTUALLY benefit you in the long run. 1% is of the love and here to be what helps you grow better. This is on purpose so that you DO follow along with the masses and chase after high numbers that you THINK affirms a true authority. You all are groomed to be followers and to chase numbers through particular ways that are known to get you hooked into thinking THIS is the answer or THIS is what matters. 

Just know. This time wants you seeing the manipulations in different ways but where they empower you to stand up stronger, to speak from your heart, to not just follow because something appears to be what you think you should judge as the better thing. This is a test to see how YOU see how flawed you are in the face of others who SEEM to have it going on. 

The wave that brings you down is to get you seeing how stable your true sense of value is. And if you collapse with all gusts of wind, then you need to be down here to figure out how to rebuild your castle so that the foundation is fixated in knowing YOU ARE VALUABLE, and your creative gifts are essential and WITH HOME in the world. It's about you not gauging the external and having it deplete your internal. BUT IF YOU ARE DOWN HERE – NOW is when you are to take this low feeling and get it SHOOTING up higher with new plans on how to do your life better. The low road gets you seeking with more passion for how you will next walk the high road. 

You also need to stay sovereign in your mind in seeing that you are JUST about to transform into your best idea yet. You are to see that all things go up and down in a wave. Businesses do 100% -- all of them will walk the down low AND the rising high -- but only if you stick with them and learn when the down points come so as to have better plans about how to walk the high points. 

Stay with great hope that your next is going to be your best. Don’t even go to thinking you are washed up and gone. This is the down inspiring you to do it better in the near future.


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Are you doin okay, love? I look forward to seeing and hearing your effervescence♥️

Kiersten March 08, 2022

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