MARCH 13 | Sunday

As our clocks move ahead one hour today, our minds ALSO are leaping into a new area of seeing something that before we had no idea we were doing. Just like in the last 2 readings that are all about revealing the truth so that we can choose differently, today is all about seeing the corruption in things and how we just follow along because we trust so easily. It is another idea that says easy is not the best way. Things that come freely are not always what will benefit us in the long run.

Do be aware that what hits you may have you wanting to die or give up and not be in such an unfair world. You may be brought into contact with those who are so deep in the struggle, and it makes you sad that there isn’t support for all and some sort of system that runs on integrity and love. Expect to be a bit overwhelmed and to feel that nothing soothes you so that you CAN just let it go and move on. We are fixated in energies that need us sticking with shifting into higher vibrating beings that are not so gullible to marketing or manipulations that have hidden motives that ARE depleting and destroying our planet. 

What I know about life is that we are basically on this road trip across the country where we have a limited about of snacks that will be what lifts us and gets us satiated down the road. And what is happening from social media is that people are sharing ALL the snacks with you, and if you eat them all right now, you will have NOTHING down the road that WAS to be something that inspires you to keep going. We are not to be a cookie monster with it all and to eat and eat and eat as we seek for things that bring us answers or the cocaine high of an experience. The scrolling keeps you addicted to more, while also swiping for the next, and the next, and the next -- but it is HURTING YOU! 

We have GOT to start learning to seek for silence and to sit out under a tree and just be. Influencers are cranking out the exploitation from all that has been written in books and they are feeding you what WOULD have dropped on your path in a year or a decade away, as a snack that would assist you -- AND if you eat it now, you will get to that point a year or decade away and there will be no food for you to eat – because you ate it all before you left your hometown! 

Others may put out the line of cocaine, but it is on us to value ourselves enough to say NO to what WILL hurt us. And that is what is going on with this energy where many are in pain because there are no more snacks to eat, and they feel dead and empty inside. So, we have to be smarter than the influencers feeding us drugs that give us a lift in this moment -- because they are doing it with drug dealer intentions. 

There are NO Natives that ask the Chief to give the wisdom before it is time. There are NO therapists who just give you all the information, like what a narcissist is --NO REAL therapists do that! They do not want to feed you with all the words of what things are. They don’t just sit there and explain the healing journey. They make you talk your shit out and they listen and listen and listen and watch our body signs. There are NO Shamans who just tell you the rules of the road and share words on what things mean. 

The truth is that the healing journey is one where WE talk and express our things, and the true authority listens and gives little bits of feedback that are to wake us up and shift us. This is why I say insta therapy is giving you all the snacks for the road trip first thing where now you won't actually hold this vibration, but your mind will expect everyone to treat you in the most gracious ways BECAUSE you read all the information and ate all the snacks that WERE to be a part of your future. I have found that those who are addicted to insta therapy are not that good at forgiveness and they are the first to drop you and NOT try to work at healing the imbalances or bringing the peace. 

All the mental information, or snacks before their time, creates big heads that need EVERYONE to be healed so that THEY are not ruffled. And the moment they are ruffled, they are OUTTA THERE and calling it boundaries, even though in reality they are walls put into place with hatred. Boundaries come from love, and they only grow from someone who really does the work and doesn’t just read about the work.


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