MARCH 12 | Saturday

Good morning sweet love! Today is another HIGHLY sensitive day where we are feeling the truths of life and how they are requiring us to change. Do what you can to stay in supportive waters and to do what feels good to your body – but do not think you have all the pieces of the puzzle just yet. This time wants us to face the truth behind forces trying to keep us in line, but it also wants us seeing that we can start over and choose for more supportive things that WILL hold us in the future.

There are lessons going on around the quick way being the way we should avoid like the plague. This is saying we need to reprogram our minds to think about integrity and also following the dollars to see what is intentionally being hidden out of view. In this energy we are learning that the bigger it is, the more likely it is corrupt in how it got your attention and has you thinking THIS is the authority we should trust. 

I had someone reach out about seeing the part of fortune being different in what I wrote about in their birth chart book over what a big white-washed mainstream site had to say. The first line they wrote to me was that they found a mistake that I made because this other site that pays a shit ton to be seen as an authority said something different. She instantly placed the blame on me because I am the smaller site. 

THIS is how many of you are being programmed to think that THEY are bigger so they MUST be the ones who are correct. But ask them how much they pay a month to be the bigger site, because that is the truth of it all. And when these sites get so big, they then hire staff to steal other people’s work – where the founder feels that THEY aren’t personally stealing, so it's okay. 

I’ve known two people now who worked for these big spiritual or astrology accounts and they said one has paid $10,000 a month since they started around 8 years ago and another one for the past 5 years spends around $25,000 a month in social media ads!!! 

This energy wants you slamming awake in seeing how you enable things to be false and doing hurtful deeds to others BECAUSE of money. I have a Venus in Aquarius in the 1st house, so I question all things big and mainstream. The bigger they are, the more generic and exploitative I feel their energy is. But MOST PEOPLE are not at all built like me and they follow the big numbers obediently. Do yourself a favor and observe how you give credit to some because they front as something bigger than others. You also give credit to what was in your past as learned patterning relating to purchasing habits. Just like yesterday talking about dairy cheese and milk from factory farms, which is going to be the majority of what is out there and what is served at restaurants. Fake news proclaiming that milk does a body good is what got you to habitually place milk or cheese as a daily staple. 

But if you follow the money and go deeper you will see that you are going to die from these choices AND be depressed AF from eating those things -- because the mama that created the milk for you was being tortured and exploited and put through the worst kind of emotional pain. Your milk and cheese is full of tears and misery – and that goes into your body and registers in the same way an allergy does. 

If you are allergic to something and you eat it, you cannot stop it from absorbing into your body. We all are allergic to tortured animal products and the pain they feel will be what we then live. If you drink a shot of tequila, it WILL get you buzzed. WAKE UP and see that you are what you eat and drink and think and subject yourself to. But also wake up even higher to seeing that manipulative forces GOT YOU HERE and got you thinking you need cow milk for your cereal. WHEN IN FACT, you need Oatly Oat Milk. We need to question it all and stop ourselves from this automatic motion where we DO what the con artists want us to do. When you wake up and become sovereign, you step into a new view on what ultimately is just exploiting others and using you.


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