friday 26 november

Today is going to be one that really gets your heart beating again and thinking about how you want to take some solution and spread it far and wide. You can expect some sort of shift to take place in your dream time where you wake up and will feel focused on doing what you can to make something else better.

But what is wonderful is that ideas are rising, and it comes from putting things into order and into a better place. Therefore, you will wake up knowing you feel changed, and as the day goes on you will start creating an excellent plan that will be put into motion soon. This isn’t about something super fast and microwave, but it's about deep rooted problems and a solution rising to show you there IS a way and there WAS a reason things were so backed up and not moving as planned. This experience is to get you seeing that you can trust what stops moving when before things seemed just fine.

There is TONS of change going on in this energy and with many interactions or situations that push things into other places. This can be like items on the water that are flowing from the movement down below that can't be controlled. Items are coming together – or we are coming together – but it's based on this other collective movement that is really in control. And the changes are showing us different sides that we had not thought of, or that weren’t available yet, like an app that does what before could not be done.

Things are rising to show you that, OH, you needed to cross this bridge and get to this other town, and THERE is what you have been wishing for. Expect to see others acting in ways that are unpredictable because of the new views that also are rising for them. It means we will start shooting off into new goals and will finally be seeing that we HAVE to do this and we HAVE to take this leap of faith. All the new mountains that are growing are because of something inside that changed in all of us – and it's turning light onto old dreams and how new things are finally arriving to support their reality.

All in good timing! You all will be saying this. You all will see that there is something to this and now your focus will be on the plan of GO. ALL OF YOU should feel like the front of your body is leaning into something that is beyond where you have been and that will bring joy for you believing in yourself enough to go for this. Even during the 14 years that I waited to share my gifts with you, I NEVER sat negative in the dark -- except when I was contaminated by gluten! Then I thought I was a loser. But when NOT being glutenized, I believed in myself enough to risk external manifestations that did not yet please me. I believed in myself and went through the steps and pages and chapters that got me in my better forms. I believed in myself when so many hated me – I believed in myself when so many loved me.

You are leaning into something just as I was and now you really do need to hear the message that you need to travel lightly, expect change and don’t judge one step of the process! It ALL is getting you into your soul’s purpose work – and dark beyond belief brings light beyond comprehension. There is a balance on Earth and what you put out there 150% comes back. But later. And not when you except it. So, it never ever pays to be mean and hurtful with yourself or others. Believe in yourself enough to risk external manifestations that do not yet please you.


26 November 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Jupiter. Moon/Nodes.


MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

MOON DEGREES: 20 Leo to 2 Virgo


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #14 Complete the dream.

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