saturday 27 november

Okay then! Here comes a sigh of relief as something shifts you into gear and into feeling like there is a way out of some stuck situation. Many of you are going to feel that the flow has changed as something inside of you sees yourself new. This will deal with wounds of your past or something that you never caught on to but now it’s hitting you hard with awakenings -- like, WHAT?! I never thought of that before!

Something that was shown to me in this energy is that I have a Sun/Mercury opposition with Pluto/Black Moon. And like, I know this because it's also part of a t-square with Mars/Ascendant. But I just got that I am a Sun/Mercury opposite Pluto. Like, YES, I am! But I never really just took in that one aspect. Like, if someone said, do you have Sun opposite Pluto? I would have to think about it. But if they asked about my Venus trine Uranus – YES I DO! Or my Jupiter conjunct Neptune – YES I DO! But I’ve never focused on seeing what now I know is the true depth of who I am and how I operate. I am Sun/Pluto. I am Shamanic and deep and complex and always transforming and seeing for the rise of the Phoenix. It's in everything I do! -- And it's why you all are here because you are the ones who aren’t just superficial, and you really DO want to do the deep soul work. Most astrology is superficial and artificial – but I’m Sun/Pluto! No way is the surface for me.

And what is to come for you is your own sort of connection into cleaning your glasses and getting the spots to stop confusing you on what is something you really need to see. This energy wants us feeling pumped up for who we are and for how far we have come. It wants us steering our new ships in ways where we are heading towards lives that value our existence. And the steam to get us going comes from this inside view of yourself where you become more driven to assert towards your soul’s purpose work and the reasons you are here to make a difference. There are new views to discover, and they will position you in new ways where you hold yourself with more honor. Allow your discoveries to inspire you through synchronicity or a bolt of lightning here to set you free.

You also are being asked to embody what was left empty in you. This means you are to give when others did NOT give to you, and to be what you did NOT get to see. It is where we sit after the stages of grief when we learn to give more and to not hold back or deny because we feel hurt and want others to feel what we feel. As we heal, we become the salve of what we were denied, and we give freely to others that need to grow hope in their eyes. This exchange is crucial for the healing of us all. It is when we become the wounded healers and become more aware of wanting to use our pain to help others grow better lives. Get ready to see the pieces come together so that you DO realize something solid is growing for you.


27 November 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Mercury.


MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.

MOON DEGREES: 3 to 15 Virgo


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #11 See why it had to be.

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