thursday 25 november

Good morning baby! AGAIN. Be aware we are in major tests to see that we are changing our perspectives and going at things in new ways. This is basically how you either feel you are supported by wonderful parents, or you feel abandoned and left out in the cold. But what you feel is what you are seeing more of. And this energy wants you to feel a bit more superhuman BECAUSE of being left out in the cold, and realizing that you don’t have to keep creating what was done to you by unconscious people who didn’t know better or who were operating under their own manipulated ways of being.

Today wants you to see into the opposition or the oppression and to not allow it to get the best of you – to not allow it to get you showing up as a slumped human who feels done wrong by all. But rather, as a strong human who KNOWS other humans can be evil and hurtful and dense as all get out, but that doesn’t need to change your focus or get you thinking something is wrong with you. Just because THEY ARE doesn’t mean YOU need to be.

This new energy wants you breaking the rules and coming outside of the lines of how others expect you to be – IF you feel like it's not nourishing you. Many of you may be facing ways you followed a path because of your parents or because of some influenced idea on things, and it can have you breaking away with drastic moves that are about you following your heart and doing things how you wish them to be.

As our passions grow stronger, we shoot for new directions and see ourselves living different things. As you fall in love with something, you will fall out of love with something else. When you stop smoking cigarettes you fall in love with how healthy you feel and how much better your skin looks. When you stop seeing yourself as a victim and choosing for things that DON’T see you, you fall in love with feeling how amazing you are that you made it this far. There are 2 sides to every coin, and what hurt you has another side of what will move you and get you feeling strong as fuck.

So if you don’t feel seen, KNOW that you need to take some risk and leap into some other scene or perspective that holds more value on what you are here to offer the world. It’s time for YOU to wake up to your own personal importance and to not allow it to change like the weather because others don’t see you just yet.

For the 14 years I sat on my work and didn’t share it with the world, everyone doubted me and questioned me being 40 years old and still working in cafes and coffee shops. And I didn’t let them get me down even though I had no idea when my shift would come. But I knew it had not come yet – so that’s all she wrote for now. I didn’t make myself small because my timing was unusual. I didn’t diminish my work because it wasn’t being seen just yet. I just kept growing in the dark and doing what was coming naturally as I waited for my gate opening days.

Now they are open. Now I am in love with a new space. And even how crystals are now my new love -- that I had NO idea would be a part of my career -- we ALL have these things that birth passion in our own perfect timings. Allow your positions to be okay whether you sit in the dark still or if the light finally floods your way. It serves a purpose, and you are not in this position right now by mistake.


25 November 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Saturn. Moon/ Uranus. Moon/Mars.

MOON PLANNER: Saturn. Uranus. Mars.

MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

MOON DEGREES: 8 to 19 Leo


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #11 See why it had to be. #14 Complete the dream.

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Thank you!
I realised yesterday I have this energy that people pick up on and are sometimes repelled by. As I stay optimistic after loosing jobs due to covid vac I wonder how I can use this energy to serve others. Thank you for your support and wisdom and love xx

Jodie November 27, 2021

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