friday 24 september

Oh hello F R I D A Y!


Okay loves! Today is a wild card day, but it is really special because you are getting this opportunity to return to a situation where you lost it and reacted in a way that you now regret. We are accelerating so quickly, and for this reason, you will see the errors in your ways from weeks or even years ago . Where before the veil would not be lifted, and your ego would go on thinking you were correct – now, you will see that you could have done better.

Be soft with yourself today because 100% of you have heap loads of mistakes in your past database to wake up to. We all play parts in triggering and waking each other up through getting so much wrong. So, start today in learning not to look back with shame, blame, or guilt and instead try to see that it all has a place. Just as the babies learn and grow from where they keep falling, we too are stepping into new lands where we aren't tripping up like we used to. And keeping it real, I am seeing that it ALL is because of the self-love growing within where we are facing so much about ourselves that we naturally understand others sit in similar positions. We are not alone in our healing journey. And we DO NOT know the full story. 

We are thinking about how we are stoked for good things and how others sometimes get jealous because of it. When my business first took off, it SKY ROCKETED. I was 6 months booked. The first few weeks, I shared what I do, i was booked 6 months out. And I was coming from being in the gutter pretty much my whole life, being born into poverty, pretty much never having ANYTHING, and then learning my way out of scarcity that was a daily fear. I also worked in cafes and coffee shops until I was 40, and then launched my career. So, it was SO EXCITING to be so abundant and see my world thriving. But the mistake I made was that I wanted to tell everyone about it! I couldn't stop talking about it because it was so beautiful and NOT what I had for 40 years of my life. 

And it was so rare to see someone really happy for me. I would feel that about 90% of them were jealous and wanted it for themselves. They couldn't even hear my joy because inside, they said, but I deserve that! I am special! I should have what you have! And I would even then hear how they hoped I would fail and lose it all. I was SHOCKED at how many people actually listened to my amazing news and processed it as hoping I would lose it all. 

But I realized that everyone out there is wounded and healing, and MOST people aren't vibing high enough to yet hear good news and not see it as a threat to them getting their own good news. We are born to think of scarcity and you against me and there only being so much to go around. So, they hear someone celebrating and they think, BUT WHAT ABOUT ME!

And YOU need to face this about yourself before YOU TOO plant seeds of failure IN YOUR OWN LIFE when you look out at others benefiting and you not getting the same. I NEVER talk about my business anymore with people. Out of work time is only about them and NOT being in the astrology or business world. But mostly I don't talk because I don't give others the opportunity to go low and then see their own dreams tank because they wish that on me.

Seriously, look at your mind and listen to your thoughts when others have good news. Your answer is EVERYTHING!!!! And it's time to see that others winning is a sign that YOU TOO will win in the future. If you can make that switch and stop being so scarcity-based, you will see a significant flip around this day where something that is a creative gift is getting attention, and you somehow feel valued for what you want to do. And if someone comes for you with amazing news, WAKE UP, and stop going low because you feel in competition. It actually hurts your future to NOT be happy when others get good news. Understand that we all dance together, and signs of change to come arrive through others singing certain songs. Be happy and dance with them! It means something will come dance with YOU soon. 


24 September 2021
MOON PLANNER: Uranus. Venus.
MOON PHASE: Bring it forward
MOON DEGREES: 9 to 20 Taurus

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