saturday 25 september

Oh hello S A T U R D A Y!


You are to take this ball of energy and throw it! Something is asking you to show yourself and speak up and do something that is going outside of the lines or at least where you don't usually go. You may be coming up with all sorts of new ideas about how you want to live your life and how you want to give up addictions that are keeping you escaping from the beautiful reality that awaits you waking up.

There are things we do as coping mechanisms that we now will want to let go of as we see how they were anchoring us into something that didn't really value us. We may be stepping into things that force us to slow down and really take care of what needs our attention. To escape is to run away and say, I'll deal with it another day. The new energy wants you to go slow and sure, but with a strong focus on doing what beautifies or makes your surroundings comfortable. That means we are to DEAL with things and see them as a lump of clay that just needs us to design and put in the effort.  

EXPECT to feel a bit sensitive around something that is a need where you maybe haven't spoken up before. Be careful about making this explosive because it has been held back. You are to put your heart on your sleeve, keep it real, and expect that you don't have to play any scarcity games to get your feelings known. You don't have to expect that they won't give you what you need or that there is no room for you to blossom and be happy in life. 

Just pay attention to how you reach and get clear with what you need to say, but don't hold thoughts that you won't get it. Try to be like the child and expect that others will snap to attention in a supportive way when you voice this concern. It's just really important that we take the risk of the heart by keeping it real while also truly trusting that this will work out. The old world got you addicted to looking with wonderment about failures to come – and it's time to switch that gear. First gear will only take you so far. It's time to get up to 2nd and stop grinding in 1st. 

Now you also may come up with an insight today that will make you happy! It is something about things not taking as long or you realize that part of the work is done. It also may be that some short cut appears, and you were NOT expecting this. Therefore, it makes you feel happy and will bring a wave of emotions where you suddenly feel giddy. This is also showing you how we can trust life because we have no idea what surprises are in store – but they are! Things connect at perfect times to get us dreaming for more. This is one of those times. So, keep your mind open for solutions and inspiration because it's time to get your car/project/dream job/book/collaboration/relationship moving. What sparks the fire will be what ushers in your new day.


25 September 2021
MOON PHASE: Bring it forward
MOON DEGREES: 21 Taurus to 2 Gemini
CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #7 Settle into truth. #13 Manifest it.

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