FRIDAY 17 March

This has got to be the most powerful month in history! Like, this is it. And you know we talked about how we were way behind schedule because people were not really vibrating inside how they want to be seen. We thought the superficial matters most and that it was okay to hold hatred and venom in wishing evil things on others. Where we were envious, we falsely convinced ourselves that it's okay to bash someone and to convince others that someone ELSE has shadowy ways. But forget not! For us to see anything in another, by default, it also is inside of us. You can't see it in another if it's not already a virus inside of you. And where we are provoked is where WE NEED TO HEAL.

One of the shifts I have noticed with these new energies that are changing how we see, is that normally all the tourist vehicles in this town sort of clash with me because they are coming from places I don’t even want to drive through. And they make up about 80% of our town – because at some point our town was taken over by people running things who want it to just be for retirement homes and tourists getting away from their regular routine. So you CONSTANTLY are wondering if you are even in these other states by the looks of all the cars NOT from New Mexico. 

But I noticed that I stopped noticing them – like stopped even caring that they are mostly here to support the mainstream grocery stores, Walmart or McDonalds. I’ve seen like half of the businesses close down in this town since covid because the tourists want the mountains and what corporations can provide for them – not the cute little local artisan shops. And the airbnbs have pushed out the local artists from having a home in the town they created – and those locals are the ones who mainly supported the local artisan shops. So there is a collapse happening here that is so sad to see. But it suddenly doesn’t bother me as something I need to correct – because I ultimately have NO control of this. Now, I am way more just a witness and LOVING when I do find a local amidst all the touristy energy. 

And what I really want you to see is that we all are changing our tune where we aren’t so fixated into what is wrong, but rather where we honor that our vibration is holding negativity in focusing purely on the faults of things. And that is never going to be a good thing!! So love yourself and always stay present to seeing what vibration you are holding. It will NEVER behoove you to shoot mean thoughts at others who are just doing the best with how they have been programmed to be. The new energies are putting space between us and others so that we are not so wanting to dominate how we think they need to be. 

I also TOTALLY shifted when I got over thinking we are here to love everyone and see the good in them. I don’t believe that AT ALL. What I now stand for is in believing that MOST PEOPLE are totally messed up and totally mind controlled by lower forces. I don’t allow myself to be surprised at the bad behaviors of others, as I have accepted that MOST PEOPLE are doing unconscious things. BUT --- what happens from this new perspective is that when you DO see someone who is kin and vibrating in similar ways, you are SURPRISED and stoked to meet a good person – thus you really experience a high vibe feeling inside.

In seeing that the majority is damaged and being controlled, I don’t ever get let down by what I see!! In seeing that the majority IS love and IS good inside, I DO keep getting let down by what I see because most people are still showing hatred and mean spirited things. Maybe further down the way I will shift back to how I USED to see things. But through these new earth times it is best to just surrender in knowing most people are still asleep to what is manipulating them, and they DO NOT NEED US reinforcing what we see. Read this over and over to really understand what I am presenting.




MOON DEGREES: 26 Capricorn to 9 Aquarius (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:    1  8  9



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