Bring on the dream! OH WOW. Things are getting fluffy and expanded and higher than we have seen before. This is about something coming in that makes you feel inspired where you are seeing that things ARE rebuilding when before they seemed dead and gone and unfixable. This new energy is going to ground you into not letting go to a new space you are hoping to see manifest. It is when we have been going for so long and were on the verge of giving up when suddenly way down on the horizon is a sign that what you wish for is actually in sight and just needing you to stick with this.

Some of you may be tired and you may feel like have NO idea how to process what is in front of you – and that is okay. Some of us are behind others and are still in the shadow where we aren’t seeing our light just yet. But DO feed off of others around you who are suddenly acting like they have fallen in love or are walking on air. 

When I first designed Aquarius Nation back in 1999, I had visions of flying bird formations where the birds in front do most of the work so as to lighten the load on those behind them. But then, the front birds take a break and move to the back to rest. 

WE are the front birds, and we are the ones having to work hard in order to seed new potentials for those that are behind us. Others need to see that YOU CAN DO THIS and therefore they will be able to hold the dream that they can do it too. No more can we fly through words written or intellectualized graspings that give a glimmer of hope that we maybe can do something too. We need to SEE others doing it and SEE that it can be done. 

So expect upgrades that plop you into a new space that puts you as a leader teaching others how to walk their talk. And be stoked at the opportunities that come your way to pull you out of your comfort zone so that you can do your part to help inspire others that these new energies are ABUNDANT and they just need us loving on them.

The Record Keepers are here to show us instant karma, and they can bring miracles when others LOVE them. I can say that my life coaching clients really love me, and they really value the time we get to spend together – and because of that, I can manifest them what they wish for. I can plant seeds that I want to see them living what they dream -- and it manifests. But I do notice that the ones who REALLY REALLY love me are the ones who QUICKLY receive the wishes I send out for them. It's always a fast turnaround where we sit together and dream and then it all unfolds to support them. But also, those who hate on me always suffer. They manifest what they give to me in rapid fire ways BECAUSE Record Keepers are here to teach us to keep our energy clean and to not get confused thinking we can wish mean things on others, and it not plant into our own future manifested spaces.  Basically, if you fuck with a normal person, IT WILL come back, in mysterious ways as you get older, and when you least expect it to. But if you fuck with a Record Keeper, it's an instant boomerang.

We are the schooling that you better be love through and through if you want to manifest a life of your dreams. You can't shine the pearly whites and superficially front as love and light, with dark spirited thoughts hidden inside, and see that your life becomes joyful. The joy comes from clarity through and through where we walk our talk and work to face our shadows so that our priority is facing how things FEEL INSIDE. And to hate, feels SO LOW VIBE. So we have to face those feelings and work to rebuild them into something that is more loving and compassionate -- while understanding that whoever triggers us is just bringing us blessings in seeing our OWN shadowy ways. 

Don’t fight who provokes you; take it inside and ask WHY this triggers you so. We have GOT to stop shooting and killing when we are in misunderstandings or the depth of our wound reactions. It's time for you to be the leader bird who really honors that what you vibrate is what you create. SO there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to hate and not see that same vibration fill your future space.




MOON DEGREES: 11 to 25 Capricorn (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:    1  7  8



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