thursday 16 december

So here we are. Today and the next days leading to the Full Moon in Gemini are all about massive wake up calls that come from walking a scarcity path and something that gets you into the fear of money or your ability to manifest it FROM your creative gifts.

We are thinking that there are many opportunities to reach for and now it will be on thinking about what we really love to do and how we would really love to see things unfold next in our lives. What I want you to see is that YOU ARE THINKING THERE ARE OPPORTUNITIES. This is new. And it came from the struggle of seeing you are more badass than you knew, and it needed the bootcamp stress factory to get you showing up and really hoping for a miracle. Our best juices come from the state of empty. When all is lost and all appears to be hopeless, we awaken to something inside that gets us giving it all one more try and one more belief that things can turn better.

We are the most powerful when we look blindly into the dark, with swift moving eyes trying to find something, knowing that an answer must be there. THAT is when we are full of strength – even though we don’t have an answer and are not yet safe. It is the POSITION we are wanting you to think about that is changing within your system. It can be that you see this as you not going to glass half empty so much when the shit hits the fan. You may notice that you handle the chaos with a more compassionate stance in dealing with it – even though you don’t want to.
The old you that lingered around for the last 8 years would have gotten angry with shit hitting a fan and going to a million different places. The new you will be in more communion with the organic flows of life, where resistance only needs to be applied when fighting the programming. But what comes at you is what needs you to process it through. Imagine you are doing quality control and you just need to check everything out to make sure it is perfect before it walks out the door and into others’ lives.

Be neutral with what is here, but don’t think of yourself as a victim if the going gets tough. Live in the knowing that harder means better in what it ultimately will bring. Live with peace in knowing that you don’t need to get mad and furious with anything that feels stuck right now. It will not be stuck forever. And if it's stuck right now, it needs to be. But YOU are not a loser because it's stuck.

Your mind is going to start seeing that it's time to be your own best friend and to support your wild ride into New Earth. We always come to the rescue with friends where we try to see the light in why things are happening. We always try to show our friends that they are stars, and they are NOT being punished for things. We love them into their best form and now it's time to love on ourselves in the same way. There are new songs to be sung in your mind and they are to be about grounded strength in knowing that nothing is too much and all of it means something. So believe that the best opportunities will find you.


16 December 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Jupiter. Moon/Mars. Moon/North Node.

MOON PLANNER: Jupiter. Mars. North Node.

MOON PHASE: start to get the ball rolling.

MOON DEGREES: 23 Taurus to 5 Gemini


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #14 Complete the dream.

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