thursday 11 november

Good morning babe! Today may end up frazzling some of you where you are fixated into certain relationships from your past that now REALLY evoke a feeling. It may be that those who crossed over are now on your mind and you are feeling vocal about how they neglected you or let you down. What is happening is that we are being rained down on with provoking inspiration to keep with some goal that is to show that you do have a place in the world. THEREFORE, you may feel tons of reasons that you DON’T have a place and will think back to all the times people where not there to support or see you.

Be reflective, but not reactive in seeing this as anything other than when you prove others wrong and really keep with whatever it will take to get you up the mountain. Again, the Colin Kaepernick Black and White documentary, is our greatest teacher in having to walk where you have been done wrong, but you still hold your head high and keep living for the dream. Don’t ever let go of the dream! We do not understand the mechanisms of Earth and how the karma storylines play out. But coming from a rough life has the most potential to birth a real star and someone who we KNOW we should follow.

We got conned with the white man approval and now seek out the easy life where we wish we could be the rich people who never have to worry about money – ironically though, they fear losing their money every day and are more scarcity based than poor people. They have their money, and they don’t want to let go. They will most likely not change because karma brought them in as rich people to pay off some of the biggest karmic debt to pay off.

But that is not the story YOU are told. You think it's a reward! You have bought into ease being the only thing you really want. And it has you shutting the door to what needs you sticking around and learning how to do something best. Easy is a tree that has no roots. It WILL topple eventually because it's only a front. It is the essence of a tree, but without roots it has no life.

When the rich people finally look down at the poor and extend support, we will have liberty and justice for all. Until then, we have liberty and justice for the rich. And THIS is what is going to be growing in all of your consciousness because the world is collapsing with only rich holding all the things. It is like how Trump put the head of an oil company in charge of protecting our environment. That is exactly how the rich tend to operate. And who would even think of putting a person like that in a position like that? Rich only sees rich and how to get more rich. So, an oil person is going to open borders and lift restrictions so that more money can be made from exploiting the environments natural resources.

We have seen this same situation at Earth’s closing when the rich have abused too far and too late. This is why you see your rich now trying to leave this planet and start life elsewhere. They know they are destroying life for all because of their love for more money -- and NOT making the karma shift where they open to the heart of the humanitarian. IF they could wake, there would be no problems on earth. THEY suck the life from you and from all that deserve to breathe a better existence.

So, what are you going to do about it? The only thing you can do is not support what is killing you. And REALLY WAKE UP and see what that is. Ports won’t deliver your holiday plastic goods from China?! THEN BUY LOCAL. You do not need another TV, another 500 outfits for the year made in China, another toxic cosmetic with a rich chick as the spokesperson, and priced to keep you needing to put it on credit.

The illusion is cracking because you HAVE to be out of your mind to fall for it. And it's time for us to get back INTO our minds and with the power to see what is right or wrong and not keep rebuilding the unsavory past that we were manipulated to follow along.


11 November 2021


MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling.

MOON DEGREES: 16 to 28 Aquarius


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #7 Settle into truth. #14 Complete the dream.

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