FEB 14 | Monday

Good morning love! And here comes some light to shed some relief into what you have been needing to see. We all go through the cave this week where we first must be triggered awake in order to see the error of our ways, and THEN we can finally start rebuilding how we have been seeing our place in the world.

Kids that grew up with supportive and loving parents NATURALLY go so much farther than kids with negligent or abusive parents. What we see in the first 7 years is what we BANK ON in our future. And with so many unconscious humans who weren’t raised correctly and who continue to wound and dismantle so many others, it is to be expected that MOST of you did not have a great 7 year experience to grow wings from. Therefore, you have accepted less and probably have been angry at thinking you were cheated from the life you deserve.

This time is to get you raw in the fractures that are because of others, where now you need to write a new story about what you expect to be. We CANNOT go vicious just because we are upset at what controls us and got us into the ditches like we are. We can gun it in the ditch and have the back tires spin out and dig us deeper, but it only gets us more situated in the pain. It's time to step into the healing process where we face things head on and from the perspective that you ARE important, and you DO deserve to create a life where the sun shines your way. Allow yourself to find where you tangle and be there with the pain, but see that there is a way to get up the mountain into a new view on life that will require you backtrack through some of your old ways and learn a new road to travel.

Something will come today that is like medicine to your soul and salve to what was broken. Be aware that it comes from discomfort and you sending out the call that you need things to be better. We have to ask to receive, and we have to do before we can see. Don’t get down if you feel pulled into situations that are too complex to understand. Just be the light that wants to know more about what it is going to take to get out of the karma tangles you are in. Your love will turn your fears into hope for a better day. Put your heart on your sleeve and expect a discovery.

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