FEB 13 | Sunday

Good morning beauties! Today is going to take us deep into what needs to be rebuilt but in a way that will have you super sensitive in viewing what is going on out in the world. Expect others to be the catalyst that moves you, but don’t go into any defensive mode where you spew out evil. We are being tested with our frustration and how easy we show our darker natures.

Today is when many of you can feel like the end is near or you can't keep doing things the way they have been run. Realize that just because you see others going low vibe and being hurtful towards others doesn’t mean you need to follow suit. In fact, you need to adult yourself and be the highly conscious person who is aware that ALL of our actions matter and that ALL of our energy is going out there to contribute to the collective theme.

You are WAY more powerful than the angry mainstream who is being led by media manipulation to try to DISTRACT YOU. If you go low, our planet shows low. If you follow others who are nasty in the mouth and hurtful in ways that are shameful to witness, you are doing the whole world a disservice by doing what you see instead of honoring the words you preach in trying to be high vibe.

The ultimate test on Karma Earth, where it all comes back and you get away with nothing, is that we are tempted to show our demonic side with venom and hatred at what we don’t like. You ALL are tested to talk nasty about others behind their backs or to destroy what you don’t resonate with. It is THE test you incarnate over and over to try to do right. At this time, we have more lightworkers aware and awake than at any time in history, AND they all are being tempted to be devilish in their actions. And if they do, they manifest a future that puts them into extra challenging roads to travel AS they walk the energy of what they put out there.

100% all the shit talkers are in a personal hell, and they are in pain. NONE of them are healthy. NO ONE who is happy talks dirt on others because to be happy hooks you into the love of the Great Mystery where your nature is softer in not wanting to see others go through pain. Check yourself because the next few weeks are going to bury many of you SO THAT you face the toxins you continue to plant in your garden and STOP operating as your own worst enemy.

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