DAILY READINGS for Tuesday 15 June

This day is going to put you in contact with others where you will either feel that they vibe like you and this is family, or it will feel the exact opposite. You are either there and feeling creative with the people around you, or you REALLY want to be. This energy is when we are thinking about using our time differently so that we have projects and friendships and are more sacred with the time we do have. I started my business when I was on unemployment. I used that awkward time of getting fired, for like the 6th time, to dedicate my dreams to manifestation. I was like, IT'S HAPPENING NOW. And it did. And here I am 10 years later. SO HAPPY that I knew I had something important about me and I kept with it until it became my reality. SEE that you are special and keep growing your best dream. Your heart will be loved. Keep hoping for magnificent things. Follow my lead.


15 June 2021



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