DAILY READING for Monday 14 June


Okay then!! BE AWARE – again. This is the kind of energy that provides a test that earns you your wings. Start this day with your heart on your sleeve and expect things to move like a wave throughout the day where you get hit, then hit again, and even again. But see that you are being asked to assert that you do have every right to exist, to see that timing is always an issue – and a blessing, and to see that you really don’t know until you know. All you got is your ability to dream and to hope that one day you will be the artist you dream others will see you as. This energy gets you seeing how you hope others will see you and think of you as something special. We all are special, and we all want to be seen as such. This energy affirms that your creativity deserves light. If you feel sensitive, assert with your side of things, but stick with love. Don’t come from scarcity where you have to fight for your rights. Embody what you want, and you will get.


14 June 2021

MOON PLANNER: Chiron. Saturn. Uranus.

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