DAILY READING for Wednesday 16 June

Oh love! It's a wild day today. We have several paths, and much is changing. Be alert for last minute decisions that need you trusting your gut and knowing that your body does not lie. Follow into the mystery and trust that all will be okay. This is written into the day and most of you will have to trust in the unknown future of a move that FEELS SO RIGHT. It IS right – but you have to make a move that affirms you are deciding to go against the grain to do it your way. When still in the confusing space, sit with high hopes! This also is a test of the day. Do you go to the dumps and think all negative about how things will go down? NO.  But do know you need to keep your body busy and see things being checked off the list in order to stay high vibe. Stay active in the DOING of what gets you into better positions. It pays off. Lists have great power to ascend this month. Write it down and feel love as you see it coming true.


16 June 2021


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