DAILY READING for Thursday 27 May


Good morning! Okay loves! Be aware that many of you can feel shocked by changes rippling through your system. Many of you will feel agitated in this energy because it demands you make a change that will put you in a new position. But we all know that leaving a step requires we make big changes to get us up to the next step. Steps are not equal – they go up or down from each other. Honor that the changes occurring need you showing yourself different in relationship with others. YOU need to be the one showing up in ways that help move or bring understanding to things. Extend your hand and shine the light for others to see a new way. Just because it looks a certain way doesn’t mean it is!! Be something better and expand into new possibilities manifesting from the changes that organically occur on this new step in life.


27 May 2021

MOON PLANNER: Neptune. Venus. Mercury.

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