DAILY READING for Friday 28 May

Sweet loves! Many of you will feel in a fog in this energy because you just don’t know, and you are sick of not knowing. Others will feel inspired in this energy because you have learned to surrender and see that something is returning and asking you to show up as an upgraded version who has learned from the journey and who won't make the same mistakes. You also may be seeing someone who is about to make a mistake, in your opinion, and you DO need to just let them be and let them surrender into their own journey. Don’t be the boss of all. It really is what keeps us stuck in old ways of living. Walk by example and people WILL follow. We don’t need to manipulate what is organically going through a process. Rebuild with grace. Value the space you are in. A higher plan plays out.


28 May 2021

MOON PLANNER: Chiron. Uranus.

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