Lunar Eclipse 26 may 2021 WEDNESDAY

Hello Wednesday Hello LUNAR ECLIPSE! This is the big shift we all have been waiting for. How this goes down is that around this day you will start to let go of a view you held about yourself, your career, a relationship issue or with how life is. Where we have been holding onto fear and confusion, we now learn to trust the process instead of thinking any one piece is the ultimate answer. We now will naturally start looking off into far off places where we want more, and we want to grow into things that will require we give it our heart and soul. This is when dreams return and the energy to really believe that it is worth the effort. EVERY ONE OF YOU will start to walk around a corner where things change. And EVERY ONE OF YOU will see how your mind gets you into trouble when you keep looking to the unknown future with expectations for it to be how it negatively was in your past. This eclipse breaks the bond you have with old mental scripts that keep you locked into a miserable path of others programming. Where you foolishly followed and bought into, you now wake up and break up. EXPECT to see others making huge leaps of faith that bring them into grace and compassion with life. The old world wants you hating yourself and sabotaging what could be great. It wants you down in the dumps thinking that you are getting it all wrong. Allow the light to show you the way with hope and excitement for a better day. There is MORE for you to live for and you just got to release the clutch of what binds you to a path that doesn’t feed and support your visions for future growth. What forces you to sink and to fall in line with others who ARENT living their dreams is what you need to see in a new way. Is it fair to keep turning back and believing in the words of others who haven’t done what you dream of doing? Let go of what you have been told and find a new story to write about why your life has needed to be the way it was. See how you have grown levels from what pulled you into the cave. 100% it is the pain that births the love. If things are too easy, we don’t love them as much as when they make us work for it. Troubled pasts birth the brightest futures -- IF you will allow it to grow in your garden. See that all will be okay and better than it was in your past. Surrender to the madness and see how it becomes a blessing. You don’t know and will never know what it all means – but you ARE in control of holding the vision for your dreams. Keep looking to the far-off places and see what you one day will be living. Treat yourself better. Walk with a mind that supports the mysterious climb.

26 May 2021

MOON PLANNER: South Node. Chiron.

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius 5:14 am Mountain Time

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