daily reading for THURSDAY 15 july

This day can feel real heavy and you will need to see it as a bit of a test where you are being asked to pay attention to your wording of things and how you talk inside of your mind. We need these tests so that we can walk our talk and show that we really do get it. Expect to need to vibe higher than you currently are in a certain situation today. This means you need to trust and surrender and go step-by-step with whatever sort of experience you are taken through. There are a lot of turns and twists and change is 100% apart of what this is bringing. There also is going to be a great divide today in how people are living this energy. You will notice some people so happy and connected and trusting this experience and then you'll pass people who feel mortified by what they are in. The contrast is happening so that we can digest it all but recognize the power we have to see better things for people. We don't have to look at them in suffering and think that the world is conspiring to destroy them. We don't have to look at them as victims and see that their situation is a negative thing. We just have to look at them and say, they'll get it right eventually! We need to see more hope for people who are suffering instead of a fear from what they are suffering from. We have the ability to help set others straight. But we only awakened to that power and that gift when we are on the highs of life and trust the journey we have manifested. When we sit content, we are able to bring contentment to others’ lives through seeing and saying that they will get it right eventually. Just as you and me got it so wrong in our past where now we sit with the wise eyes of perspective and would never do it how we did it before, others too are somewhere in the cycle of an experience of learning to be a better person. So use your power wisely and look at things that are out of balance as potentially finding balance in the future. Don't make it where you have to fix everything but do see that there is a fix to everything. The test today is just asking us to walk the talk and to be who we really want to be. It's time to get to work, to dedicate yourself, and to work towards bringing more beauty into your life instead of the focus of what is not working. It's time to wake up to the magic and to stop staying stuck in the corners of confusion. Just open to the abundance and trust that it all will be there. What could it hurt to dream A Little Dream?



Chiron Retrograde at 13 degrees Aries.




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