daily reading for TUESDAY 20 july


Okay. Be aware that you can really start to doubt yourself and you WILL be tempted to fall into some old way of seeing your potential. Just be aware and calm the nerves down! It is expected that you fall into this slump today but also that you get yourself out and rise determined to stay focused on hope for better days. You are to see into trying to have understandings and to be fair in what you see. The old ways of you will be tempted to be negative or to think that not having all the answers is reason to expect the worst. You can paint a picture in whatever colors. But it will be what it is destined to be, that your soul needs to learn from. So might as well paint in beautiful colors.

Might as well sit there and hope that you will win the lottery. Might as well see that you are the 1 in a million and of course you will rise to the top with grace and will see all your dreams manifest. Might as well take ownership over your short time on Earth and play with the energies to see if it really works to think the best! Today is a great day to say, SHOW ME THE MONEY. Show me what I want. Give me something that will make me smile and be hopeful for even more that I have no idea that awaits my positive take on things. THIS DAY chases after your thoughts of it. So wake up and shoot for the moon.


MOON PLANNER hits: South Node. Chiron.

If you have The Moon Planner. Go to these chapters and see more on what you can expect from the energy of today! 

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