daily reading for WEDNESDAY 21 july

Consider this day loaded! The first test will come with you having an interaction with someone who is full of drama, and they MAY try to pull you in. Keep your guards up and be aware that this day wants you doing things for you where you open to a new flow in wanting to DO in order to see more joy in your life. Today you get that you need to be out there in order to manifest the dreams. But something around you can keep you at home and away from where you could be. This day also needs you making YOU important and not having to save everyone and be what they need to be healthy. See that there can be an understanding and something where there is room to still grow. Consider your mind tested in seeing for the mystery and taking a leap of faith because your heart tells you this risk will pay off. In fact, expect a risk in life where you are going out on a limb and hoping the best for your heart really being seen. What you wish for, you will get, so dream like a boss, and vibe like you are the best. Pretend if you must but see that something great is on your horizon. Draw it towards you and be the child in anticipatory wait. It is okay to expect better days.


MOON PLANNER: Neptune. Mars. Venus.

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