DAILY READING for Monday 21 June

Okay then! SO many factors are coming in that want you doing something in the ways you always wished you would. You are to break through something that was keeping you hidden and following some pattern of someone who should not be influencing you at this time. DO NOT engage or try to explain a thing – but do open your own mind to understanding what bonds you or links you to certain outcomes with others. See that there is something here that needs you recognizing your own past in the current actions of others. Have you ever done what annoys you about another? Be honest with this moment and change this pattern. DO expect to have to draw boundaries and to be very clear on how something doesn’t feel okay. Do this with love. Don’t go back to how you thought you had to fight to get what is yours. There will never be the need to fight for YOUR things. Be strong with your truth, but don’t dominate or do it with hate.


21 June 2021


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