new moon in cancer vibes. FRIDAY 9 july

Hello New Moon!  We love when you go new in Cancer and when you get us really listening to our bodies about what we need to feel safe and secure here. We get ultra touchy and sensitive at this time IF we are in situations that need something to change the flavor of things. In life we get used to things and then they don’t give us the same energy. In the internet age, we chase after everything and stay hooked up to a constant fix on trying to fill something. We don’t just sit in silence or go through pain with curiosity. We try to intellectualize and get answers, get progress, get success, get attention. We are blood hounds sent out on pursuit. And at this time, we wake up to how unstable it is to stay in hustle mode and go, go, go. We need to have time to stop and breathe. We are learning that something needs to change, and it deals with offering support and working to bring things into upgraded positions. So expect to fall flat or to find yourself dead on in a corner where things are no longer working for you. But pick your battles because our words are on alert to stay high vibe. We are to figure out new ways to communicate so that we build new understandings and don’t just burn things to the ground. Your wounds create all the disfunctions in your life. So to think you can just cut the cord and run is keeping you in the pattern of manifesting more situations to match and that may even do more damage in your future. This energy wants you to know that your body will guide you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. The warnings will come if you need them. But otherwise, you are to explore how it feels to not be in conflict with others around power trips or the need to dominate and be on top. Try to see that we all are wounded and expressing the chaos that we saw. And face fully that we are to change patterns at this time that get us into new lands or into a reboot where things feel like a new day is here. You WILL have to go through birthing pains, so be mellow as your new chapter comes to be. But use your voice and use it wisely. You aren’t to go low and fight what isn’t working. You are to see that love is the answer and there is a way for you to stay calm with what needs you showing up as a leader in rushing in to offer assistance. Don’t run from an emergency that needs you. Step forward because it feels like the right thing to do. What feels good will lead you to what moves you through an upgrade that brings new stability and solutions to what you thought was a mistake or something too far gone. Be open to things coming full circle and showing you that it HAD TO BE just the way it was. And now, write a new story and speak of how strong you are because the journey gave you the opportunity to show your stuff. We need to be tested in order to go to next levels. It has to be this way. No one gets a free ride to the upgrades in life. It is not like fillers and something artificial and toxic that can be manipulated to change the journey. Many of you are facing hard truths and it CAN feel uncomfortable. But what we do that is toxic now is harming the future steps we will be walking. So, we MUST wake up and stop damaging our futures because we are insecure and finding fault based on the way things were programmed to be. There is a new way to treat yourself and it deals with good mama support and care where things are still growing. And NOT cutting things dead because we want them out of our way. If we chase it all, things will run out. And we will get used to it all. YOU MUST BE STRONGER and wiser with your choices so that you don’t end up numb. Pull away and be with you before you try to be everything for others. Integrate new patterns around taking care of yourself where you DO unplug and stop chasing the capitalism dream. Just stop looking, checking, hooking into the drug that is the internet, and go spend some time in the kitchen or out in the garden or off painting a garage sale find. Just do things to support your life RIGHT HERE and not the one that is addicted to a drug that is actually keeping you sick. There is more creative fire for you to discover in life – but it needs you doing the opposite of what you were programmed to do. Listen to your body, it will tell you true. The only guide you need is inside you. It is never too late to choose for you.

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