DAILY READING for Saturday 29 May

Good morning my babies! Today is super big and heavy as you can feel the weight of what needs to be rebuilt and what no longer suits your higher vibing self. This time is when you are to see what you need to let go of that you carry around and that actually is keeping you off of your path. It's where you are being sucked into some other space, like with an energy vampire, or fears you hold that keep you anchored into debt and scarcity places. In this energy we are to face what needs leadership in putting it into better form. We need YOU stepping into roles that get things running again or get them out of stuck mode. See yourself as a plunger and be there for others if you feel called. We need to help each other through times like this where we do something to show them the light. We all have it in us to be better for others.


29 May 2021


Mercury Retrograde 25 degrees Gemini

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