APRIL 23 | Saturday

Today can have you waking up feeling a bit disoriented because your dreams or ideas that came up have you focused into what you wish you would have done better. Expect some tears or to feel bummed that you didn’t handle something better. But understand that we only learn that there are walls from bumping into them. In order to walk our best life, we have to walk into walls and make mistakes that hurt us or others. We need that sort of pain in order to set our selves straight and do better with our lives moving forward.

The memories or strong feelings are also to get you seeing that your past groomed you to make these mistakes and to have to walk through them. So if you can go back to childhood and remember the foundation and things you learned, you will know why you make certain errors on your journey and why some stumbling blocks keep repeating. From where we are left empty, we discover the ways we wont make the most noble decisions with our life and where we will get in the future and regret the moves of our past.

SO – forgive yourself and let it go. All things are to grow you better -- not stunt you and make you suffer. They are tests in earning your life degrees. If you want to stay in grade school, then don’t accept the tests and keep doing wrong. If you want to get up to the higher degrees, then see the error of your ways and move on with a new dedication to never ever get this wrong again. It’s okay to make mistakes!

There also may be themes around death or the process around when it was occurring and if something was lacking or absent in those moments. Again, you did the best you could with what you got (as did others). Life also is exactly how it is supposed to be. So absent was supposed to be and for some reason things needed to roll this way. Do what you can to see purpose in what occurred, but to also surrender in knowing we all did our best and we all DO regret the choices from our past. How we handle this space is what is important! Some go down and cant get up over it. Some cant look and want to deny it. Some feel shame in themselves to the point they allow abuse from others. But YOU will accept what is broken and realize the only thing you can do is repair it with better future moves.

This energy is all about waking up your fighting spirit that sees solutions to all like as if life is but a google search. Your mind needs to be controlled by you today where you keep steering it to looking off into there being some sort of SOMETHING to what is occurring, and that it doesn’t have to be defeat. We are shifting into a new pattern where we take the provocation of what moves us, and we assert it into doing our part to correct things. This is like making amends or doing acts that support others and help them be better. Actually, facing our own pain and how we got things wrong is what opens us to being a humanitarian and looking around and wanting to show care for others. Its not from privilege that we look to others and care about them; its from the wounded who did wrong because they were done wrong and now they realize we all are in the same boat.

When you face how you did wrong, you naturally want to do something that makes a difference for others. And that is a beautiful thing that only grows from facing, processing and letting go of the pain.


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This perspective is important for me to align with, have been stuck in the defeated rut. Thank you again and again.

Kerry April 23, 2022

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