APRIl 24 | Sunday

BE AWARE. Today you have to go in with the mentality that nothing is going to break you and that there WILL be a solution or some surprise situation that gets you into something safe. You will LIKELY come together with others and things will be expressed and talked about where you are hearing something you haven’t heard before. This is about someone keeping it real on ideas they have had that they never brought forward because something in them was conditioned to quiet down and allow stronger things to be the way of the law.

At this time, it all breaks loose. And things are rising with a swift motion that is about going outside the lines and keeping it real on how wrong things are and in need of new plans that WE need to have a say in. People will not be able to be quiet at this time and we all need to see this as a test with how strong and committed we are for change. Its time for us to seek out more ways to make a difference and to feel like we are doing something to share what we naturally love to do.

We all are trying to break free from our fears and to really embark into a new space where we value ourselves and see our place in the world -- and this has us vibing in a way that wants to do more and to soak up each hour and to not be on the tv or phone all day. When you value yourself, you trust that things are rolling as they should. and you then use your time to look out at more ways to be creative and to work with what is around you to make it more beautiful.

When you grew up with money, you got to take all the classes and teachings and seminars and retreats. When you didn’t, all the time was spent working to make the money to pay the rent. So your energy is fixated into counting dollars and hoping you’ll have enough at the end of the month. Its really hard to get out of that squeeze when you are in the paycheck to paycheck mode. But what this energy wants you to know is that its time to slow down and still pay attention to what you can do with your hands and with the spaces around you. What can you put back together or paint or create or sew up? What can you start or finally do? You cant get out of this cycle if you are all up in the mind and with too many scattered thoughts. You cant get out from scrolling insta.

You can only get out from getting out and using your time to work in the garden or get the soil ready or finally paint the bathroom. We have to learn to wait in a new way where we aren’t hurting ourselves in the wait. Solutions come when they come. But they come QUICKER when we do things that we love to do. Let it go and be the child who KNOWS something will arrive to satisfy. No need to fret and fear. That energy is like keeping your veggies or fridge food out on the counter where it starts to lose life and break down. Don’t put yourself out on the counter!



Today, Monday 4/25/22, I had to come back and read this again to remind myself that its ok. Trust the process, I whisper to myself as my heart palpitates..

Demetra April 25, 2022

Today, Monday 4/25/22, I had to come back and read this again to remind myself that its ok. Trust the process, I whisper to myself as my heart palpitates..

Demetra April 25, 2022

So on point - thank you! Just perfect timing.

Kate April 24, 2022

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