APRIL 22 | Friday

This is another super divided day, so lets talk about the magic first. Today is when many of you are coming into contact with others in a way that brings inspiration to how you want to transform and rise into this responsible position that needs you leveling up to match it. You may be given an opportunity or will somehow see things connect so that it gets you wanting to keep with the hard jobs and not give up. It can have you feeling stubborn and sure that THIS is what you need to be doing.

It’s a great day to plant your feet on the earth and feel as if you are a tree and are now grounding something new that will start an adventure you haven’t walked before – although some of you are getting to walk this again and to try again at making something better. Be with the earth and tell it that you are here and are ready for some new situation to be what you see. And keeping it real!!! I JUST noticed that its earth day!!! How FUNNY!! I am seeing so many images of trees in this reading and being shown that we need to put our feet on the earth today and celebrate our connection together.

This also says that we need to do something about how we start the day or greet our projects where we are shifting out of the corporate mentality where everything is about making more money for the shareholders. You are to do things different in how you approach the work you are doing where there is more compassion at getting to do it instead of thinking of the money it will make you. This seems to be a key in the changing energies where things do much better when we just love doing what we do and hope for the best in how it wants to support us. The old way is with all these numbers and first thinking of goals about wanting to keep making more and more. That is your mind that has been carved in stone with USA presidents – and as cold as they look is as cold as that life will feel to live.

Also there is something with the hotter and colder game so you are to really take note of what or who feels cold in your body because they are not the best things for you, and at this time you will be learning to draw boundaries and to let people/patterns or things go. Its time for you to value your space so much that you risk hurting another and letting them down.

Remember that we all are wounded and playing this healing game together. So them being let down is their own thing to feel! They MOST LIKELY hold fears that others will leave or let them down, so you are magnetized into their life to also show them some learning lesson. It takes a lot to stand up and declare your feelings when they go at an odds to what others want you to believe. So be strong with this! Life is SHORT. You were born to go for what feels warm to you. Don’t be fooled by how white man carved you into something -- because what is inside underneath that façade is someone who KNOWS they can have so much more if only you stick with it and keep with the steps of the rebuild. Don’t allow storms to scare you. Build your things sure and they will withstand all forces.

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