APRIL 19 | Tuesday

Okay then! Today is really going to be when you start to get up and go into some new dream or idea that you have been working on for some time. There will be an epic shift around this day where you fully see what you need to let go of, and where you actually will be taking the steps towards eliminating the debt and the things of life that keep you feeling buried by your past and the decisions you made.

This is a great day to work on getting a message out or to come at a new angle with how you want to share your visions or life work far and wide. As we get older, we do feel so much shame for the things we chose for in our past, but if not for those situations, we wouldn’t become the strong dreamers who shoot their arrows and don’t let go. And the ironic thing is that you gain this actual strength FROM facing your mistakes along the way, which means we only see the truth of things when we get older. And the old world programmed us to believe 40 was the end of things! But in the new world, 40 is the beginning of things! So we have to stop going in the patterns of seeing that getting older is a bad thing. It’s the BEST THING ACTUALLY. It is when you find out who you REALLY are and how capable you really are.

So do what you can to shoot your view to bigger ideas on how things are going to come together. This is when you are to assert towards making a connection with an understanding where you aren’t staying polarized and in one localized area. Its when you are to come together and try to make peace or to see that there is more to the puzzle than any one piece.

This is also a great time to connect with friends and people who really helped you be your truth. We grow through coming around others who help us feel more compassionate about life. You also may be coming together in a new relationship that will help you do more in growing your life in better ways. This may be personal or work or neighborhood related, but they will be a catalyst for you sticking with your dreams and not letting go. It may be that you see inspiration on the internet where you see someone doing what you are doing, and it will inspire you to get out there and do it too. Remember, we are working to not see situations through the eyes of our victim memories. So work to see that they are doing it so you can do it too. The message is to inspire you, not to crush you into thinking its already done and this is a sign that you cant do it. It is here to get you remembering that you got something important to share and you need to keep the eye on the prize and not all the little details on fears from your past. Rise into a new view and it will greet you.


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yes! recently turned forty, and there’s this different sense of life. I have been witnessing different aspects playing out in new ways, because of how I’ve been greeting my own feelings, and greeting the world.
I am love and I am loved!
thank you KV. oxo

m April 19, 2022

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