APRIL 18 | Monday

Be aware that this energy is actually trying to make you tired so that you can focus into something else and come up with a discovery. Listen to what your body is telling you because the rest is GOOD for you today! As we are learning, be okay when things don’t go on plan, or you feel like everything is pushing you away from where you want to be. Trust that there is a reason and allow your body to move into where it finds support to do its thing.

Now. We also are deep in the shadow work around this day where you will see old memories of what you have done, and it will feel like a sting that you did this. All the unconscious moves are coming to our attention for many reasons. We are learning to see that we are always growing and even if we feel so right about decisions now, they may feel so wrong the older we get in life. We also are learning that we are not perfect and no one else is either – as they will go through the same upgrades as we are as we see the errors of our younger days. And in facing these things, we may feel regret and as if we have done too much wrong in our lives to experience success. But – don’t go that low, because WE ALL are where you are at some point in life when we finally face what now comes back to remind us.

What next is to come is that you make peace with your mistakes and now commit to being a new person who would never do any of those things. And like for real. This is not about saying you wont do it and then doing it next time the provocation hits. Its about never doing it again and KNOWING the provocation will come to test you. Its like driving over the speed limit and how you KNOW there may be a cop around to bust you for speeding – so you got to be aware that your unconsciousness can cost you. We have to take this seriously because we aren’t. We say we wont do and then we do over and over. Its time to bring a new record to who we are and to how we dance in relationships with others so that we are not creating the same stories because the groove to their manifestation is so well worn. Its time to leave the familiar and to walk the uncharted path that feels more loving and kind -- LIKE YOU WANT EVERYONE ELSE TO BE. Let go of the old and do whatever you can to make way for the new and better you to be what others see.



Thank you for the confirmation on the feelings flowing. ✨For the last three days, synchronicity & premonitions have been coming to be.

m April 18, 2022

This is exactly what happened I listened to my body and now I feel more alive ! Thank you for affirming what I believe 💗

Maria April 18, 2022

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