APRIL 20 | Wednesday

Okay loves. We got some bi-polar days ahead of us where the road is widely divided in what you will experience. You may even notice that you look around and some people look like they are walking on air and in heaven, and others look dazed and confused. Some feel like they are finally getting a chance to go for something and are seeing things come true, while others are focused on frustration that they don’t know where to go or what to do.

If you are on the high road, this time is perfect to start working on projects that really speak from your soul and are things that truly interest you. We are moving into this space where we are chasing what brings passion to our lives and are risking what was safe and sure to go off and dream a little dream.

You will hear of people talking about big moves where they are coming out of the shadows to do what is something they have kept long hidden -- and likely this was shamed into that position. This means people can be waking up and really showing another side of their personality where they are more compassionate and wanting to believe that we all can turn our lives around. There is something about the returning of something that really brings a sweet feeling to getting this chance to do something better and with clear emotions leading the way.

This is when many of you will connect into something that starts a relationship that is heart centered and where there is honest talking about the emotions. This is about not getting lost in what we intellectualize about being in a relationship, but really talking about how things make us feel and making it important that we are surrounded by people who allow us to keep it real. Your feelings are getting stronger now because they are to be taking over the lead in your life. Your mind is only good for processing and analyzing and collecting data. But your feelings are the roadmap of your soul -- and the way to your best life.

Now. If you are on the low road, you have GOT to get out into nature and shut your busy mind down. You have got to stop using the mind to try to navigate the new energies we are in. We are in a new space where you have to be patient and to trust with all that you got. You have to let it all go and be silent as you wait for your feelings to speak up and tell you things. You need to write instead of think and sit against a tree instead of scrolling your phone. There are to be sudden and wonderful insights that come to you, but they will not do this if you are fixated into trying to come up with a solution by staying busy scrolling.

You may also be so full of emotions that you don’t know what to do with yourself, so you try to do nonsense things. Instead, go lay down on the earth and just lay there for as long as it takes for you to feel better. Its time to grow a new garden and you just got to go do good nada as you wait for the seeds to sprout and inspire you. Surrender to discover. Let your mind take the backseat and allow your heart to drive.


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