Moon in Leo

I am Leo. I am a proud lion who holds my head high. I expect to be seen and appreciated and I can get down if I am not getting all the light I need. I long to live a life of creative expression where I feel fulfilled by what I can bring to the lives of others. I can be insecure at times as I need others to be what helps me feel at home in the world. I move quickly in wanting to be on top and to assert myself into the attention of others. 



  • People tend to think about their influence on the world at this time, and lessons of healing will come up that relate to feeling insignificant or like nobody loves them.
  • Creativity is at a max with this moon energy so people can be coming up with all kinds of new ideas and new ways to express what they love to do.
  • LOVE is the focus. People are falling in love and also feeling very focused on how to bring more love and joy into their lives.
  • Prideful feelings can be HIGH at this time, so people will feel things like, “Who do you think you are talking to me like that!!”
  • People are having more concerns, issues or focus with their children at this time. They may even be pulled into something.
  • People can feel either very confident OR very insecure and scrutinizing themselves as not good enough.
  • People are in the ego at this time, and if it is out of balance, there will be the need to protect the ego and stand up too proud.
  • People are feeling very dramatic with their emotional responses. So this can be very HAPPY or very CRITICAL.



  • Go on a date. Play. Wrestle! Be childlike in all that you do.
  • Do something that is a risk that puts you on stage in a way.
  • Make time to socialize and be carefree and share your love. Tell someone you love them! They will love you right back with this energy! Buy gifts or flowers or tokens of appreciation. This is totally to be a date night! Come together to flirt and be frisky.
  • If drama shows up in a negative way, look closely at how it relates to your own ego with the need to be the best or right about something. This is a healing opportunity! Face it humbly!



For this symbol, I think of the Leo heart and how it is contained, confident and this powerful thing that they incarnated with, and from the heart there is a huge layer of energy that makes its presence known! The big swinging action of this symbol is how they approach everything they create. They seriously throw it out there for all to see! When you draw this symbol, start with the circle (their heart) and make this quick big sweeping motion like the whip of a tail, but imagine YOU throwing your dreams out there!



Draw or meditate with this symbol when you need to feel CONFIDENT about ANYTHING CREATIVITY or DREAM BASED. Also use it when you are in a creative project space. When you draw the circle, put your dream in there and then draw the lion’s tail and sweep your dream out to the universe. All dreams or wishes need to be used with this symbol.



I am manifesting my
creative dreams.
I love the life that I have created!
I am having so much success
with my creative dreams.
I am a bright star that all can see!
I am feeling abundantly creative and have so many new ideas!
I am a love magnet!

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