Moon in Virgo

I am Virgo. I am aware of everything going on around me to the point I can't miss what needs my attention. I can get critical about my past or where I THINK I should be in the world. I also will never forget and need to be surrounded by people who do not take advantage of me or give me reason to judge them negatively. I see it all and am great with details and putting pieces together.  I am fully driven to live out my soul's purpose work. 



  • People are focused on cleaning their house! Always this moon energy creates the need to put things into order!
  • People are much more judgmental and critical at this time. Do whatever you can to not attack others or to belittle them or to judge them to pieces. You will pay later in the month if you do!
  • People are focused on their work environment and situations tend to come up through feeling busier at work or with situations that demand their full attention.
  • People think about their health, pets and diet at this time. More plans to start over in regards to those arenas happen now.
  • People tend to worry a lot at this time and can really fall into some negative wormholes! If this happens, look up to the sky and see the big picture! Too many details are just bogging you down. You are to imagine the whole, where things make more sense.
  • People can get really nit-picky with others, focusing on too many small details, and also with self where they feel like they are never good enough. There will be strong desires to be perfect.


  • Jump into something that is full of tackling details!
  • Focus on things where you can be of service to others.
  • Apply for jobs or go on job interviews! Start a new workout plan, diet plan or commitment to become healthy. Do something that also uses visualization.


    For this symbol, draw the M with the right leg going further down and then a cane shaped line that attaches to the leg but crosses over it. You can even think of this part of it as half of a heart shape. Imagine that the cane part, the half heart is taking this energy and FURTHER grounding it into the Earth. The Virgo symbol represents the virgin AND the whore. With this symbol, think of there always being another side to the coin or an opposite expression that plays a role in the whole picture of it all.



    Draw or meditate with this symbol when you need to ground your commitment to dealing with a lot of DETAILS. Also this one is great when you need to open to another perspective such as SEEING THE LIGHT IN A DARK SITUATION. This is a healing symbol and represents GODDESS ENERGY, so use this when you are dealing with something that is dark, diseased, or negative, and bring in the purity, the light and the healing. Also use this symbol when your THOUGHTS are dark, negative, or judgmental, and ask for the light to penetrate your mind.



    I am bringing the light to this situation.
    I am calling in the Goddess energy to heal this health concern.
    I am aligning my thoughts to love, to health, to abundance.
    I am accomplishing so many things today!
    I am committing to a new way of life that will restore my health.
    I commit to this.
    I ground this idea into the Earth. I am doing this.

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