This energy is going to really pinpoint what needs to change with your value system where you are going low in thinking something is wrong with you. Be on alert and pay attention to where you suddenly speak as if you are a loser or are too far gone or are a fraud. This tends to come out of the blue and when you least expect it to, but when it does, listen!

When I was early in my career, I was REALLY sensitive to other influences because I don’t study this art from anyone other than my own body. And I never wanted to hear what others say because then I may copy it -- and I don’t do things that way. So I put blinders up to all influences so that I could stay unique and original within my system. BUT. I didn’t realize that I would hold a lower vibration when coming into contact with those influences. I SO did not want them near me that the thought of them could get me going low in processing them.

NOW in my life that has changed! And when I do accidentally come into contact with someone doing similar work to me, THERE IS NO negative body reaction in me AT ALL. I am totally neutral -- where before they would make me think that I wanted to create a new career because I have that Venus in Aquarius in the 1st house and in a mutual reception trine to Uranus in Libra in the 9th house. Like, I don’t like to be like others. I don’t go along with mainstream ways. I never have. Like, kid you not, if I provoke through my writing, I kind of love it! I kind of giggle at the thought of seeing who gets triggered by my lightning bolt ideas. I ENJOY not doing things how others think I need to be. I am a rebel with a cause!

And currently, when I see these things that used to trigger me, I now get inspired with things like, OH I know I need to share my work in that way TOO. Or OH, they are reminding me that I am really good at videos, and I need to share my face and voice with the world TOO. I now only see things as something confirming what I do or do not need to do. I don’t see things as proof that I need to go out and create a more unique career now that astrology is mainstream. And that IS how it hit me for years. That Venus in Aquarius can be a curse because we like to stand completely unique in who we are for the world. The copy and paste movement is not the Aquarius movement.

So, see that you too will evolve around what triggers you to go small and NOT think you are something special. You WILL change. It has been me FINALLY learning to value myself that now has me NOT going low about myself in comparison with others. Now I go bigger because I KNOW I have AMAZING gifts and a purpose to give that is going to change the view of the masses. I am not small potatoes as I was raised to believe. And that knowing now allows NOTHING to flatten my sails. Now that I own my worth and see the value of what I bring, NOTHING will stop me. And when you work through the provocation that Chiron aspects bring, you too will grow stability in valuing what YOU were born to bring. We first need to challenge our way through the negative thoughts rising in us that come when we think others are more blessed or gifted than we are. Get through that mountain climb and over time you will earn something that won't allow naysayers or competition to deflate you. Soon, it will only elevate you.

Get through the mountain climb

And over time

You will earn something

That won't allow

The naysayers or competition

To deflate you.

Soon, it will only elevate you.

Work through the healing journey

And you will rise unflinching and sturdy.


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