APRIL 5 | Tuesday

Okay okay okay! Today we start to get things going where much is showing up and getting us to feel with compassion and to feel SUPER motivated to do something about it. Do what you can to reach out or be out and about -- BUT do it from the feelings you get in your gut, or the idea that inspires you to move on something. We are in a super synchronistic space and right now its kind of like, if you want to watch the full moon, you have to go outside and look for it. You have to assert and go for and walk the change that gets you there. It means you got to get up and do.

You also may feel super inspired to work on some creative project or to see now that there WAS and IS a solution as new pathways are opening so that you are feeling excited about what is something in the potential. This time can feel wonderful for many of you as you will really be feeling like you have a home for your thing and your offerings.

There will be something that grows from coming together and aligning with others. So this seems to say that our vibrations are contagious and our inspired ideas inspire others as they inspire us too. Then we all walk away buzzing – and everyone we next see and connect into can also get the love virus and feel more hope about how we CAN rebuild and we are here at this time to keep looking for the dream and the better thing.

A canvas always starts blank. It takes work to put the creation to the physical while also not creating the same thing from the things already created. We are in such special times and if you shoot that arrow and don’t let go, you get somewhere SO MUCH BETTER than where you are now. So we have to keep our creative open minds as we trust with EVERYTHING that the best thing we need will be here when we really need it and that all clogged pipes will correct in due time. Truly, this energy just wants you playful in really feeling hopeful that this next year is going to be so much better for you because now you are truly waking.

Some of you may be on the downside of this energy if you are feeling super mental from all the emotional you are feeling. It may feel like your thoughts are even stronger and you cant move from what is fixating you in seeing that something needs a solution or upgrade. You may even feel like you are losing it and you really can’t handle the space you are in. Just know, nothing is wrong here, but you got to be the birthing mama and keep on pushing with a deep knowing that something so much better that this moment IS up ahead. Things are changing real soon!


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