APRIL 6 | Wednesday

Okay. So. Today is interesting in many ways. There are so many cute things that can start happening for many of you – but there also are heap loads of you still stuck in some clashing with another, or many others, and it is what is keeping you from feeling the shift that gets you to the cute things happening.

If you are still stuck in the birth canal and cant get things moving, you have got to get out into nature and lay on the earth. You have got to stop all the scattered motion that has you here and there but not where you want to be. This energy can have you feeling like you need to seek for and chase after even more.

But there is no need to lose it! Just STOP what you are doing that likely is on a computer or phone and seeking, seeking, seeking. Rather, your pretty little behind needs to get up and go to something that brings silence and nothing to reach out for with the technology world. You got to drive in silence – which is such an amazing thing!! Its hard at first, like jumping into cold water, but you really get a different kind of clarity when you drive in silence and don’t escape into music. It’s also so fun to notice how much more you don’t hear with music blocking it out. Just like if you have a jeep with the top off and how you smell all the scents, like the cooking in the houses and the smell of spring blossoming trees.

So if you are disconnected and not feeling a sweetness in the air, you are too full in the brain and need to unplug and sit in nothingness. Sit on a swing and just be. Sit at a lake and just be. We need to empty at this time because old world ways are coming to an end in our body, but we have to find them in order to release them. And if life is not sweet right now, you got too many toxins in you and it cant shine through. So you got to get distance from things so that you can really see what is going on and what new moves you are going to need to take.

NOW. Many of you are suddenly feeling ALIVE and SUPER STOKED to ride these higher waves of experiences. You may feel driven to have lists all around and drawings of what you want to see happening in your future. New things from old things are showing up and it can feel so sweet to now see that what faded away before wasn’t actually gone forever! I always want you all to remember that ghosting is not always permanent. Like, if there was a good connection but there is no connection or word now, don’t make that a broken bridge – make it a ghost who comes and goes. If they love you, they will return. If they don’t return, they didn’t love you and that’s okay because we aren’t here to be loved and understood by all.

Some of you also may be starting to fall in love with something and it either deals with a creative project, a new study or a person. The air is all about lifting us depending on what we have been dreaming for. So this is an important time when we open to things actually working out and feeling like a dream come true.


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