APRIL 4 | Monday

Today is going to have you coming into contact with many people! So be out and about if you wouldn’t normally be. There is a huge divide in how this day hits you, but it still is all for these lessons that deal with you healing and learning to value yourself more. It is only from healing our wounds that we wake up again to how valuable and essential we are. Otherwise, we stay in the brain, and we find ways to keep planting stories and narratives that attract us people who keep showing that we ARE the thing we most hope they wont see.

To heal our wounds, we need situations provoking us to see through a mirror into some mystery about our background. NONE of us got wounds that will heal in a season or even a few years, and all of us got layers upon layers that we don’t even know are there. And -- life provides the schooling to wake us back to our original selves so that we can live the life of our dreams.

This time carries important messages about what you learned from the old world or ways you were not supported and allowed to be your true self. We also are in the relationship realm, so it deals with coming together to learn together – but do know, we are learning to reach out with more love OR to stay silent in taking on what is clearly a toxin and something that someone who loves them self WOULD NOT DO. We lash and cross boundaries to put others in their place BECAUSE we are hurt by past wounds and now keep responding in these certain ways. So be conscious in the test of this day needing you to hold your head high and love yourself even if others are making you feel like you don’t have a place. Just be patient and breathe.

The other half of you are WILDLY inspired and are taking steps into areas where you are able to express your authority or something that really feels at home in your body. Dreams are manifesting BECAUSE of discipline and not giving up on seeing that there MUST be a way. So stay committed and keep expecting something to change real soon. Don’t let any part of you give in to the old world view of things by mentally confusing yourself into thinking maybe you are wrong.

This time is to show you that things are changing out of the blue, and things that surprise you are the catalyst that will really get your life speeding up into a better feeling space. See that you do need to hold on at this time and stay fixated on some better plan that needs you walking like a leader of how you want things to be. This means full of self-worth with patient steps only going towards yes when it feels like the best. Slow down if anything doesn’t feel right because you are not on any kind of race at this time. Its about trusting that if something doesn’t feel right and you have to turn it down, the next opportunity is your best thing. There is something more!! Value your inner core and see that you deserve things better. New day. New story.


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