APRIL 3 | Sunday

Okay! Be ready for the surprise that is on the way that is going to show you a solution that helps you feel confident of your creative gifts or of some new plot of land that needs to be growing the opportunity for you to do more of what you naturally love to do.

We now are thinking about how we want to start growing some food and taking better care of our bodies. We are thinking of how to do more with creative things, like sewing or working with herbs. We are thinking about what is really valuable and – how conned we were to put ourselves in so many situations where we now see there is very little value in what we thought we used to need.

Expect your mind space to feel busy and to notice that parts of you are changing in how patient you are becoming with them. Truly, you have no idea how much we change when we face our wounds and stop hating and bashing on everything that doesn’t go our way and that is in our way. When we quiet down and stop acting immature, like with name calling and judgement making, we actually see to the other side and start learning the lesson without having to walk the pain side of the lesson.

Every time you send words of venom, they are a spell, they carry vibrational weight, and they attach you to something you will later manifest in the future. This is why Record Keepers are here -- because they are instant Karma, and they show us the error of our ways in a microwave sort of version that is sped up into the immediate future. We would not learn how impactful our thoughts and words are if not for Record Keepers reflecting our truth right back to us. But Record Keepers are also manifesting pain when they wish evil upon you if you are disrupting them. They are instant Karma to themselves! This is why they live hell and heaven on earth. But they DO learn quicker than most how to correct their ships!

Today. Know that you are love. That you are loved. That you are valuable. That you have something special inside of you. And don’t let limitation or fears of others making you think you are too flawed BE what gets you to give up on your dreams. Things take time and there are lots of layers to this house you are planning on building. So be patient with the steps and don’t worry about money and the stability you think you need to see right now. Grow things. And grow what you love. You don’t have to grow things that you know won’t love on you.

And in some way, it’s time for you to invest and to put something forward that just needs you showing up with your throat, knowing that you are good enough and will be able to sustain yourself from what you are thinking about now that needs a new plan put into place. Be with this dream and stay wildly hopeful for how incredible it one day will be -- EVEN IF you only sit with $10 in your bank account. Be patient with how scarcity grips you and show it a new way to be. You don’t got to show yourself as the fight because things are taking longer than you’d like. You can show as a peaceful flower that just sits there with beauty and accepts that sometimes things don’t go the way we think they should, but for sure with love in the heart we know it all will make sense in the long run. And what matters most is OUR vibration and our delivery and our intent and our reaction to the things. If you want a better life, grow yourself better and don’t give up until you get there.


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